Affordable Gift Options for the Guy In Your Life

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Best and affordable gift for the man in your life. Picture:

So it’s time to shop for him, is it? You don’t have to spend a lot of money these days to get the perfect gift. It’s easy to stick to a modest budget and still find something suitable for the guy in your life. Here is a list of some of the most affordable gift options for him.

1 – Love Coupons

Okay, giggle if you must. We know that some might consider this to be a lame gift idea. However, if you do it right, you’ll be able to give him several different things all bundled up in a single gift. The best part is that you’ll be giving him things from the heart.

If he happens to be a romantic, then the Love Coupons will go to good use. But be creative. Fill out coupons that offer things like: a plate of homemade cookies, a candlelight dinner, a night of uninterrupted passion, a lunch date at work, etc. He’ll love the fact that you are focusing on him.

2 – Bathroom Readers

Guys do a lot of reading in the bathroom. It’s where they tend to do a lot of thinking as well. Nothing will get his day off to a great start quite like a volume or two of bathroom readers.

There are so many of them out there that you should be able to find one on a topic of his liking. From trivia to brain games and everything in-between, you’ll give him something he’ll enjoy reading time and time again. 

3 – Office Survival Kit

Here’s a unique idea where you can save the day. If he’s still going into the office, he probably has those “off” days at work where nothing seems to go right. Gift him with an office survival kit, and he’ll have something to look forward to when the day goes downhill.

You could pack some of his favorite snacks, novelty office supplies, family photos, puzzles, jokes, and even a few love notes into it. You may just turn his otherwise crummy day into a productive one just by putting together the right survival tools together.

4 – Shaving Survival Kit

What guy couldn’t use some helpful shaving gadgets to get through another morning of scraping a razor across his face? You can make it a little easier on him by putting together a kit of shaving supplies.

Add a new razor, a shaving brush, some homemade shaving cream, and homemade aftershave. You can search the internet for great aftershave recipes that will keep his skin smooth and smelling great!

5 – BBQ Grill Survival Kit

Even if the guy in your life is a master of the grill, he can still learn a few things. With the time you’ve spent around him as he puts meat to flame, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that although he is good at what he does, he can be even better with a few extra tools.

Here is where your kit can fit into the picture. You can fill it with nifty grill gadgets that’ll make his job easier. Add some homemade seasonings, some grill cleaning tools, and you’ll turn an ordinary grill night into an extraordinary grill night.

6 – Sexy Scavenger Hunt

You know what a scavenger hunt is all about. Why not give him a special edition by turning things up a notch and add some sexy elements to the game?

This is best left to your imagination, but you could start with clues hidden around the house – when he gets close to the end, have a few clues hidden on your body. In your jeans pocket, under your clothing, etc. This could be a fun, sexy, and romantic way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors.

7 – Movie Night

You don’t have to go out to the local theatre for a movie date anymore. Save a few bucks and still have a movie night just by renting a DVD or checking out any of the online resources for flicks — make some popcorn or other theater treats and enjoy!

Keep the lights low and create a theater atmosphere in your living room by arranging the seating in front of your big-screen TV. He’ll love the idea.

8 – Gift Cards

For some reason, gift cards have been given a bad rap. You know, the argument is that they are impersonal and show a lack of time spent thinking about a person’s wants or needs. We say that gift cards are the perfect gift for him. That is particularly true if he happens to be one of those guys who is hard to shop for.

If you get a gift card from one of his favorite places, you know it will get used. That is simply the key behind shopping for the right gift card. Get him one for a place he’s never been before and it is likely going to be regifted one day. So, pay attention to where he goes for coffee or lunch or buys clothing and you’ll be fine.

9 – Socks

You may not think that socks would be something he would look forward to receiving as a gift, but you’d be wrong. Guys go through them pretty fast, and if your fella is athletic or leads an active lifestyle, he’ll burn through socks even faster. Not only do socks provide comfort in footwear, but they are effective in tying together outfits and fun.

They are available in many bold and bright colors, patterns, and even have graphics on them to let him show off some of his personality. Socks can even work for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. In fact, some retailers like No Cold Feet have customized Valentine’s Day gift sets.

In Conclusion

There are several ways you can give him something special from the heart without having to spend a lot. All you have to do is set a budget and do your best to stay within it.

The list above provides several options for you to consider and hopefully inspires you to find him an affordable gift that he will love.

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