Meanwhile in Grand Rapids, MI: Desecration of gravestones at the Ahavas Israel Cemetery

desecration of gravestones at the Ahavas Israel Cemetery in Grand Rapids, MI
desecration of gravestones at the Ahavas Israel Cemetery in Grand Rapids, MI. Picture via Twitter

I can’t believe this would happen right before the election.

Why would Trump supporters do something like this?

It only reflects badly on their candidate.

It’s almost as if this was done intentionally to smear Trump. Curious.

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  1. The grave bashing has been a typical False Flag used by the left form many years.
    Typically they find that people who do this are of the same faith.

    Typically even the most hardcore racists have no problem with dead people.
    We all have heard the saying the only good is a dead .

    In the dem occupied states they are having difficulty maintaining the illusion that Patriotic Nationalist American are some how racists so they try and manufacture examples to cite.

    WHen we look at history we quickly find that Dem afflicted people created the KKK and engineered the East Tulsa Massacre of 1926.
    So claiming that a white supremacist would waist time doing this is silly.
    Just look at what the racists antisemitics have done in NYC jewish neighborhoods are RED zones, Jewish private schools are closed.
    But no some how spray painting tombstones is more important.

  2. World War 3 reshaping our world while US citizens having political clashes and civil war and martial law in homeland?
    Warships from Australia, Japan & US thunder into Indian Ocean for ‘Quad’ drills amid rising China tensions
    Australia, India, Japan and the US have kicked off drills showcasing military hardware and tactical capabilities with warfare operations and live firing drills, as Beijing says it’s concerned for the region’s peace and stability.

    On Tuesday the four countries began the three-day Malabar naval exercises off the Visakhapatnam coast in the Bay of Bengal to strengthen coordination between their militaries amid increasing tensions with China.

    The three-day exercise will involve anti-submarine and anti-air warfare operations, cross-deck flying, air asset refueling and live firing drills.

    China however remains skeptical about the allied exercises. On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin reiterated Beijing’s hopes “that relevant countries’ military operations will be conducive to peace and stability in the region instead of the contrary.”

    The US, India, Australia and Japan are utilizing a number of naval assets, including destroyers, frigates, naval helicopters and a submarine. Warships on show include the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain and the equally immense JS Onami, the second of five Takanami-class destroyers commissioned by Japan between 2003 and 2006.
    he USS John S. McCain was joined by an Australian frigate last week for integrated operations before sailing to the Bay of Bengal together. Both ships conducted drills while transiting, including integrated tactical training and simulated warfighting scenarios.

    The Indian Navy is represented by a sizable collection of assets during the exercise, including the 1980s destroyer Ranvijay, frigate Shivalik, offshore patrol vessel Sukanya, fleet support ship Shakti and submarine Sindhuraj.

    The maneuvers also see Australian MH-60 and Japanese SH-60 helicopters demonstrate their tactical capabilities, undertaking refueling exercises on allied decks and anti-submarine drills.
    As we also predicted there will be going to courts and supreme court to resolve election issues. Please go home relax it takes at least fewdays to a week?

  3. Strange Sounds please confirm with your sources. Black Hellicopters are seen west coast of to East Coast of USA,
    Black Hawks fully armed can you please report on this here.
    As of 11-3 -2020 troops movement possibility also for full Martial Law is in progress. Buy Food is too late ! Regarding the news also any one can do it belong to any hate groups indeed.
    Election results will not be in for a long time go home and rest.
    In the first half, authority on the great seer Nostradamus, John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm and share his analysis of the 2020 American election, and the factors affecting it. Based on his prophetic instincts and astrological studies, he’s concluded that Joe Biden will win the popular vote in a tight race, but Donald Trump will win the electoral college with around 320 votes. However, he cautioned there will be contested legal issues (like the 2000 Florida recount) that may tie up the election results until early January (when Jupiter pulls out of a conjunction with Saturn). He further pointed out that the Tecumseh curse, which started in 1840, seems to impact the presidency with tragedy every 20 years.

    The astrology shows that there may be Democratic voter apathy, but the Republicans will have a huge turnout on election day, he commented. Additionally, from looking at the astrology, he sees one of the VP candidates– Mike Pence or Kamala Harris, serving as president sometime within the next four years. A ‘Plutonian’ life cycle is coming to an end, he added, and America is entering a revolutionary period that will play out in two four-year cycles, with changes to the Constitution and a different understanding of liberalism and conservatism. Hogue was also critical of the press and journalism for becoming more biased in the way they cover the political landscape.

  4. False flag.

    Same crap marxists have done throughout history. Dress up as opposition, perpetrate crimes, and lay blame to opposition.

    They even had some bozo dressed up as a nazi at the Trump rally.

    Look at all the false flag race hoaxes. Same degenerate mentality. Smollet, Sharpton and Tawana Brawley, and the NASCAR bozo. All BS!


  5. I don’t believe that Trump supporters did this. This has the signature of ANTIFA or BLM. These groups have been consistently defacing statues and monuments and destroying cities. There’s the true perpetrators.

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