More than 500 Senegalese fishermen contract a mysterious skin illness after returning from sea (pictures)

senegal mysterious disease fishermen, Mysterious disease hit more than 500 fishermen in Senegal
Mysterious disease hit more than 500 fishermen in Senegal. Picture via Twitter

There is a new mysterious disease spreading in the coastal waters off Senegal, Africa.

Health officials have declared a state of emergency after more than 500 fishermen have been infected by a mystery skin disease after returning from sea.

The men suffer from lesions on their faces, extremities and, for some, on their genitals. Some also have headaches and slightly elevated temperatures.

Other images show people with swollen and blistered lips, and large pimples on their hands.

It is thought that the illness was contracted while away at sea. The first known case is thought to have been a 20-year-old on 17 November.

Two days later a massive mass die-off was reported in the same waters. Could there be a link?

And of course the pardise beaches look more like a garbage dump than anything else in the area:

Meanwhile health officials have banned going to sea until they have found the cause of the condition. This is expected to last several days.

First results have shown that the disease is not viral. The ill fishermen are now receiving medical treatment. More information about this new disease affecting fishermen in Senegal on Independent, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. I think this is monkey pox. Also at the moment in Nigeria.
    Caused by eating bushmeat and Then like Ebola and covid ( also caused by eating bushmeat) spreading. IT van kill u but u can get An injection for pox and IT Will be cured.
    Pox, fever, headacke are common with this disease.

  2. So far it’s not viral.

    Wonder if that will change into kung-flu-aids-herpes-smallpox bio weapon?

    Weird they had cases on the genitals. Sounds like it can spread on body by touching an infected area, and then touching a non-infected area. Impetigo-ish.

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