Small asteroid skims past Earth on the eve of US presidential election

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On the eve of the US presidential election on Tuesday, November 3, a small asteroid will fly close to Earth. Picture: Stephane Masclaux / Shutterstock

A small asteroid will fly close to Earth today, the eve of the US presidential election.

There is a chance this small asteroid will enter our atmosphere but worry not. If the asteroid does enter our atmosphere, it will burn up long before it reaches the ground.

2018 VP1 is roughly 2 meters (6.5 feet) in length, and regularly nears our planet at it orbits the Sun in two Earth years.

However, due to its small size, predicting its orbit is difficult. With that in mind, this space rock has a probability of 1/240 (0.41%) to hit Earth.

Its closest possible distance is smack right into the planet’s atmosphere somewhere above the Pacific ocean, producing an amazing sky show…

The composition of the asteroid is also unknown to astronomers. It would be amazing (and possible) that small fragments of 2018 VP1 reach the ground.

This happened back in 2012 with the Sutter’s Mill meteorites and in 2014 with AA asteroid.

Astrophysicists believe there are hundreds of millions of small, mostly harmless asteroids like 2018 VP1. There are many larger ones too, that NASA aims tracking (near-Earth objects (NEOs) over 100 meters (330 feet) across). 

While all the civilization-ending asteroids are believed to be known, many space rocks that could destroy a large city or more are yet to be found.

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  1. I told you the chances is 1/1000 hit west coast of California. But we are in Chaos and with elections 24 hours more or less , the gates of hell is opened up for the world because of second full moon. We see end of America as we know it. We have still little time left go head from every religion you are pray for USA peace and tranquality now or we all going to suffer?

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