Space Weather News: Life on Mars, solar wind and disaster stories


I hope you enjoyed this interesting and great video is from Suspicious Observer.

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  1. No mention natch of previous Mars civilizations. Mars was thrown out of its habitable orbit in 195,960BC when the 3rd inhabited Planet in our Sol System, Milona was destroyed in a local war. It’s remains now form the Asteroid Belt. Tens of millions of humans died on both Planets. Data from ET in See the ancient Mars cities, that nasa photographed in the ’80s. The U of AZ, tasked with this project, failed to erase the evidence, which they later airbrushed out.. before Hoagland’s team downloaded the data. See the ancient Mars cities here. Search.. write in full.. ”THEMIS Infra-red images of Cydonia Ghost Town… and The Darkness by Richard Hoagland from EnterpriseMission website.’

  2. The part of the video where they showed ice melting, glacial break off, and tsunami type of activity was pretty sharp.

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