China floods, Brazil freezes, US dry – Top exporters lose crops as grains crisis accelerates

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Anomalous snow storm in Brazil in July 2021. Picture via

While Brazil gets hit repeatedly by unusually low temperatures, destroying crops, the extraordinary flooding in China’s Henan province has damaged wheat, infrastructure, and thousands of large hog farms.

Just keep in mind this region of China accounts for 10% of their grains production!

Now, all hopes are on US, but the country has its own issues, facing unprecedent drought and wildfire conditions.

This signals a huge red flag for worldwide food production as these are the #1/2/3 producers/exporters of many grains.

In fact, Brazil has started importing!

Now explore what this means in this episode of the Ice Age Farmer.

New cold wave bring rare snow in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Wednesday, at least 13 cities in the Brazilian State of Río Grande do Sul  recorded snowfalls, a rare event for the region.

Snow was recorded in cities such as Pelotas, São Francisco de Paula, Gramado, Carlos Barbosa, Bagé, Herval, Piratini, Caxias do Sul, Marau and Farroupilha.

Other parts of Rio Grande do Sul recorded “frozen rain” (when water droplets freeze when falling off the cloud, but melt when they touch the ground).

Snow was also reported in parts of uruguay and Argentina on the same day:

You can read more about the current US drought condition here. These maps show you which crops grow in drought-stricken areas in the US.

And about the anomalous cold waves in Brazil here.

Here more about the US wildfires.

Here more about the unprecedented China floods in Henan Province. Have a plan! Be prepared for unexpected disasters coming your way… [Ice Age Farmer]

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    • Yeah, I grow trees, vegetables, and berries. One thing I have noticed, after monsoon rains you can see new leaf and fruit growth of the tops and branches. Thunderstorms nitrogenate soil, and it’s like N02 blast to a race motor. It is abundantly obvious.

      One trick which works well, I take a watering can and submerge it in my cattle tank which catches rainwater. Then I use that on trees and bushes which may be suffering from too much sun, or slow growth. It’s magic for improving plant health.

  1. Wildfires in America are little compared to the 30’s.
    And the US Drought map shows arears that had INCHES of water just days ago.
    BUT we are entering a new Solar Minima (Eddy Minimum) and it will be 6-10% colder than the Maunder Minimum.
    Get ready Folks!!!

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