Everything is backwards! These truths are self-evident! And it’s all by design!!

apocalypse angel playing trumpet
Angel of the apocalypse playing the trumpet.

Everything is backwards.

Doctors destroy health.

Lawyers destroy justice.

Psychiatrists destroy minds.

Schools destroy education, critical thinking, the desire to learn and the ability to self-learn.

Scientists destroy truth.

Banks destroy money.

The media destroys information.

Governments destroy freedom.

Welcome to Hell! Welcome to the apocalypse. We have started the tribulation. Prepare yourself as best you can. And understand that it’s going to get progressively worse. By the end of all this people will beg for death. But death will not be given.

Not until the end and the Bowls have been poured out. The Trumpets have been sounded. And the Seals have been broken and the Book of Life is opened. That is when we will all be judged. Leading, finally, to the Harvest. If your life bears good fruit, your soul will be harvested. But if your fruit is bitter or worse bears no fruit, like a weed. Cast into the fire you go. Then you will see hell. Destruction. Annihilation.

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    • Agreed, I believe the seals, trumps and vials are yet. With most likely the 6th trump setting off the 3rd seal or economic shock.

  1. I agree with the list of 9 things that are: self evident, backwards and by design. But you know, having to agree with that does tend to make me feel i am losing my mind! Who would have ever thought we would be here now, just 3 years ago? Certainly not I!

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