COVID Mass Formation Psychosis


Who knew that mental health would be the biggest issue as a result of COVID. What are we going to do with all these people?

All our governments knew and they now try to get the most out of it!

Most are literally under a spell of psychosis.

My contention is that they were mentally ill well before Covid was unleashed. These are the same people giving their kids hormone blockers and voting all their God given (not govt) freedoms away.

This is just their latest excuse for complaining about something and trying to control other people. Narcissistic behavior.

And coming back to the picture above, I think I see why they’re getting divorced. She sounds like a fucking neurotic mess.

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  1. Mass hypnosis was openly used to elect Obama in 2008.

    See also
    Republicans used Cruz to do same to Republicans via Ted Cruz in his 2015 Liberty University “Imagine” Speech where. Cruz employs a combination of indirect induction along with instant induction mass hypnosis.

    Covid-19 is a furtherance of Psy-op as a tool for tyrannical takeover and take-down of the masses in society and it is working on those vulnerable.

    Mass hypnosis requires a willingness to comply, for whatever reason. You do NOT bring up the psychological or emotional need for the masses to BELIEVE the delusion, which makes them vulnerable to mass hypnosis and delusion and gives them the motivation to comply or go along etc.

    If you break the need to belong to the delusion, you can break the cycle.

    If you break the need to belong to the delusion, you can break the cycle.

  2. Unfortunately we live in a messy world, everything slowly declined since 9/11… all around the world and not just in the developed nations.

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