Truckers’ Freedom Convoy now in Ottawa in pictures and videos


Here first few pictures of the Freedom Convoy now in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Yesterday afternoon:

Wellington Street in front of Canadian Parliament

Parliament Hill in Ottawa experiencing absolute gridlock as Freedom Convoy begins to arrive.

They also closed bridges:

But some are inside:

Not dozens, thousands!


Much more to arrive! Roads are jammed!

Québec government’s traffic cameras conveniently “out of service” where the convoy would be visible.

The Washington Post reports about the truckers.

This is what they answer you WP:

Is this why Trudeau is in hiding ?

This literally says “Get vaxd” in dollar bills. How tone deaf are these people? We can read between the lines.

The Fuck Trudeau Truck has arrived on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!!!

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  1. RCMP have reported over 130,000 trucks in the city and more than 20,000 in fields outside the city.

    OPP reports well over 100,000 trucks in Oddawa, around 2.3 million persons on foot, and an abundance of trucks in fields just outside the city

    You know, Just a fringe group, especially when you add the millions lined up along the routes and on overpasses cheering them on.

    Let’s not forget the 26,000 trucks from South Carolina and other states along the way.

  2. Those bills on the floor with Lightfoot are 20s. I count FORTY TWO 20s and a single for the apostrophe. Thats $841 USD.

    Is that how much they are profiting off each vial???????

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