What do you get when you scratch a liberal?


Hi everybody, I hope you enjoy your Tuesady. Now, relax and revolt!

Justin Trudeau ordered banks to freeze the bank accounts of protesters. Insurance companies were ordered to cancel the car or truck insurance policies of protesters. Protesters are not allowed to use any cryptocurrency as that now falls under “Terrorist Financing” rules. The tyrant does not need any court orders as he declared a State of Emergency and showed his true colors. Under the State of Emergency act, the government can arrest and detain anyone without trial

Get ready for a bank run in Canada shortly!

If you have time (first 5 minutes), you will find below Trudeau’s Live Press Conference during which he tells he will now use Emergency Powers to seize Canadian citizens bank accounts, vehicles, property and businesses, without warrants, that protest his WEF funded mandates…

Yes, because who really runs Canada, Justin?

Meanwhile, the world is watching…


And this poor guy thought he had left China…


Now , what happens when the government mandates a product that is immune to lawsuits?


Is there a good reason why there were no flu cases during 2020-2021? Asking honestly… Rebranding?


Meanwhile, the Covid narrative is collapsing almost as much as Moderna and Pfizer stock prices! I wonder if the rats are jumping ship before the lawsuits start…


Australia Federal Police use LRAD sound weapon on the Freedom Convoy/Protest…


Big Techs are also in… Twitter permanently banned Andy Lee, for exposing the donation received by Trudeau from CCP…


Sorry if you don’t like my COVID rants… But for me enough is enough! Let’s be FREE again. Leave people wanting a jab have their injection and leave the others alone… Get away from our lives! Stop trying to control us! Because you will fail!

APOCALYPTIC sky sounds are STILL being heard WORLDWIDE…


Land around Oregon’s Three Sisters volcanoes is rising faster than usual, scientists say

Over 16,000 affected by floods in West Kalimantan, Indonesia…


SHOCK CLAIM: China has released another bioweapon during the Olympic games… a hemorrhagic fever virus

Scientists seek new monitoring systems as Glacier Peak volcano in Washington is at ‘very high’ threat of eruption…


Sunday’s M5.2 earthquake in Armenia was strongest after the 1988 Spitak earthquake; Followed by 165 aftershocks

Famous Kashmir trout stream vanishes into sinkhole…


Maine farmers face impossible choice: Keep growing amid PFAS crisis or financial ruin

Water is the most important thing around! Clean your drinking water with the best filter around

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