They already knew it! Uncensored magazine cover Sep-Dec/2009: ‘Is the Gov. planning to force you to have a CONTAMINATED VACCINE?’


It seems that vaccine and their contaminants were already debated back in 2009…

Look at the UNCENSORED MAGAZINE cover of the Sep-Dec/2009 issue…

Is the Gov. planning to force you to have CONTAMINATED VACCINE?

Now read the text below…

Uncensored magazine cover Sep-Oct/2009: 'Is the Gov. planning to force you to have CONTAMINATED VACCINE?'
Uncensored magazine cover Sep-Dec/2009: ‘Is the Gov. planning to force you to have CONTAMINATED VACCINE?’

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Here some things to add to your disaster & preparedness kit:

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  1. ??Even 2 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines and many Booster Shots can NEVER Kill ALL the Variants and MUTANTS of CoronaViruses in any Person or END the so-called COVID-19 (FLU) in him or her and STOP the PANDEMIC from spreading❗ CoronaVirus PARTICLES have lived in the CHROMOSOMES of White Cells of Humans, Apes and many other Animals and Birds for MILLIONS of Years❗ NATURE shall NEVER allow even ANY or ALL types of Vaccines to destroy ALL the MUTANTS or VARIANTS of CoronaViruses in ALL the People, as that would also KILL every VACCINATED Man, Woman and Child‼️ How can the absolutely CRAZY Leaders, Scientists and Doctors CHALLENGE the Laws of NATURE by using the COVID-19 Vaccines❓ They are bound to FAIL very badly‼️
    ?What happens to the Chromosomes of White Cells when they Die? Why are the Medical Scientists and Doctors of Allopathy avoiding the answer to this important question? The Chromosomes cannot just disappear from the body by any MAGIC!
    ??According to the GENERAL THEORY on VIRUSES, many types of viruses are hidden in the chromosomes of the cells of ALL Humans.
    ?The viruses are generated and released when the cells get attacked by the toxic chemicals from adulterated and contaminated foods and drinks and the drugs containing harmful ADDITIVES and preservatives. The toxic chemicals that kill the cells can generate / produce the different viruses from the fragments of the disintegrating chromosomes of the dead cells.
    ?So the CORONA viruses of the 2019 Pandemic can be produced from the cells of the sick people’s own bodies. Wearing MASKS, maintaining Social Distancing and VACCINATIONS are NOT going to PREVENT the diseases of the PANDEMIC. To avoid the diseases, we must identify and avoid the consumption of TOXIC substances and harmful additives used in the adulterated and contaminated foods, drinks, narcotics and other drugs.
    ?Viruses can also be sythesized from amino acids and peptides in the intestines.

  2. Never put vaccines that flu or COVID or Shingles or swine Flue all are there to depopulation the masses. We ask now why suddenly no fuss any more for the COVID was hoax … Iranian people did not vaccinate and only over 100, 000 died we know it was FLU #2 ..

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