It’s all about marketing… Not health!


Some have said that this is the Corona Prayer, an acknowledgement of the protection provided by the vaccines and thanks given.

But it’s looking more like a marketing script, something put into a contract upon receipt of money or something.

No one talks like this.

it's all about marketing
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  1. Don’t forget, one billion USD (tax dollars) went into PR funds to influence people. Media got paid, so did the VIP jackoffs. They sold people out for a buck. Happens alot now.

    • Yup, stupid thing is…. say that the whole thing went slightly according to their plans, with the twist that the de-population went further than they expected say around 50-70% population killed off. What use is all that money going to be? The industries will slow down massively, workers won’t have ambition to keep working as slaves….. currency wouldn’t mean much to someone, when they have nothing and there’s a small minority which hopes to control the world with their wealth. The wealth will be irrelevant after the chains of supply collapses. These mega-wealthy people brains only operate around the dollar figures, not really a human survival technique which will ultimately be their biggest downfall. What person that’s been struggling and mocked by the wealthy, will help them? I know I won’t.

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