So the diary was real and the president did indeed have a shower with his underage daughter? And how old was Ashley then?


If this was Trump….holy crap the headlines…

2 plead guilty in scheme to sell Ashley Biden's diary
2 plead guilty in scheme to sell Ashley Biden’s diary. Archive

Must have been something bad if they went through all that trouble… Why would biden send the FBI on a raid to find it?

And another question that I’ve never seen answered is how old was Ashley when these soapy and torrid showers took place?

One of the most vile revelations from Ashley Biden’s diary is the short but horrifying description of showers with her father, President Joe Biden. Ashley attributed these incidences to her adult sex and drug addictions.

It’s one thing to take your infants in the shower with you but showering with your preteen and teen daughter is beyond the pale and a small glimpse into the family dynamics that made the Biden children addicts and fuck ups.

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  1. Not sure why this is such a big deal. It’s actually pretty normal, throughout most of the world, for parents to bathe with their preteen children. I know that nudity is more taboo in anglo-saxon countries, but in other parts of the world this is utterly mundane. In Japan, entire families will go to public baths together. If you want to criticize Biden then there is plenty of REAL stuff, like his opposing racial integration, that could be brought into the debate. This whole diary business is just DUMB.

  2. Nothing will happen to them, they are all having a laugh about this in the background. Testing to see who can get embarrassed the most, apparently its a ritual sacrifice for some groups.

  3. Hopefully somebody will publish the diary. I know that Project Veritas sent copies to other journalist so maybe they csn mske that happen.

  4. Didn’t his reprobate pervert whoremonger dopermaggot son call his father. “Pedo Peter?” Peter is also a slang word for penis.

    I don’t know how old his daughter was when in the shower? It looks very bad in a criminal way. Feel disgusted we have so many reprobate perverts in America. We need a National divorce. All communist marxist perverts live in their area. The rest of America’s land is for good honest hard-working people. Then we need two large walls, so no perverts can infect the good territory America.

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