The global warming fearmongering is trending again as climate scientists warn much of the US will be an ‘extreme heat belt’ by the 2050s


Back in the 90s, scientists were already alarming folks that US coastal cities would be submerged by see level rise in 2015-2020… Nothing happened and nothing will actually hapen. They want you to be scared. They want you to endorse the responsability for the destruction of planet earth to be able to tax you more. But you have done nothing wrong. They are polluting our air, they are destructing our planet… They will fry like eggs in a pan…

New study warns that much of the US will be an 'extreme heat belt' by the 2050s
New study warns that much of the US will be an ‘extreme heat belt’ by the 2050s. Map by First Street Foundation

So you think it’s hot out there now? Consider the summer of 2053. That’s what researchers at First Street Foundation, a New York non-profit organisation that studies climate risk, did in a report published on Monday (Aug 15).

They predict that in three decades, more than 100 million Americans will live in an “extreme heat belt” where at least one day a year, the heat index will exceed 52 degrees Celsius – the top level of the National Weather Service’s heat index, or the extreme danger level. The index combines temperature and humidity to arrive at how it feels when you go outside.

Along with the report, First Street has released a free web tool that lets users search US addresses to determine their heat risk.

The future heat belt is a huge swath of the country that includes the South-east and the area just west of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching from Texas and Louisiana all the way up through Missouri and Iowa to the Wisconsin border.

This is not the part of the United States that people most associate with heat, but since it is inland, there are “no coastal influences to mitigate extreme temperatures“, and many communities “are not acclimated to warmer weather relative to their normal climate,” the report states.

The sharpest heat increase, however, will be felt in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where the hottest days now, those reaching 39.4 deg C, will increase in frequency from seven days a year to 34 by 2053.

The findings are part of the sixth report by First Street to help Americans picture how warming will impact them at home. Previous reports looked at fire and floods, and the foundation made available fire and flood risk scores for every property in the contiguous US on its website.

Unlike those menaces, heat does not affect the survival of homes themselves and related insurance costs, so it does not have the same immediate threat to property value. But Matthew Eby, founder and chief executive of First Street, says he felt it was urgent to take on nonetheless.

Increasing temperatures are broadly discussed in yearly averages, but the focus should be on the extension of the extreme tail events expected in a given year,” he said in a statement.

In other words, when people discuss climate change they often use yearly averages, which can inadvertently blunt the severity of what is coming. Even relatively small increases in global yearly averages will include far more common extreme heat events.

According to the report, across the country, on average, peak temperatures now on the hottest seven days per year will be reached 18 days a year in most localities.

While you might not lose your home to extreme heat, it certainly has other risks.

The recent heat wave in the Pacific Northwest sent almost 1,000 people to the hospital. Power grids experience blackouts, knocking out air conditioning.

People can experience exhaustion and dehydration as temperatures soar and can die from heatstroke. Bridges and roads buckle.

Temperatures are notoriously difficult to predict accurately even a few days out, much less 30 years. However, there are differences between climatology and meteorology.

First Street uses climatology modelling that shows rising global temperatures based on the current level of greenhouse gas emissions to predict warming trends. Then it layers on address-specific information, such as how much tree canopy cover is nearby, or whether a home in an urban area is surrounded by impervious surfaces, like parking lots, that absorb and retain heat.

The peer-reviewed model also takes into account variables like proximity to a large body of water, which might moderate temperatures, and whether the home is high in the mountains, which is cooler.

Some of these variables will change over time, but for the purposes of this exercise, First Street keeps them stable.

Jeremy Porter, the foundation’s lead researcher, says there is far less variation house to house for extreme heat than for fire or flood. Yet the scoring offers very practical financial information.

Because it looks at the square footage of a house and state electricity prices, the scoring tool can estimate how much an individual home’s energy bills can be expected to rise if the owner has air conditioning.

Today we are complaining about inflation, but even with the slew of rebates in the Inflation Reduction Act, some Americans may look back at the cooling costs from the summer of 2022 as a bargain.

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  1. I have a degree in atmospheric science (U of Wis-Madison 81) and I know for a fact there is no such thing as a”greenhouse effect (or gas)” in the atmosphere. It is a total con by all the people who tell us men can get pregnant, and all their “experts” who make big money rubber stamping it.
    Note: In this second link the author says man’s contribution of carbon dioxide is about 1 part in 2400, but that is the atmospheric total (approx 400 ppm). Of that total man’s contribution is 1-3 %.

  2. I agree with Mike. Science and mainstream media are corrupt. Deep state pushes fear psyops via mainstream media, and Science departments falsify data for grant money. Bunch of buttclownery. I have 22,500 gallons worth of ( 2,500 gallon ) water tank storage in case I am wrong. Water tanks ( delivered ) have doubled in price over the last four years too. I’m going to ask my well plumbing guy if he is getting requests for people deepening their wells, and see if there is any evidence this psyop is real up here!

    • 50cal, you forgot to mention… GET DESAL PLANTS hehehe.
      honestly, they are stupid not to in areas which have predictions of heat waves that are close to the ocean…

      • @Alex,
        The marxist-satanist’s spiritual currency is misery. They enjoy making people miserable, killing babies, fornication with animals, and other weirdos, they worship money. All-around evil f-tards. If they were on fire, I wouldn’t waste my time pissin on ’em.

  3. Well we all are in same page indeed… We have told you great full Martial law will be comeing after Canadian Martial Law ..Today more nations are in agony , and wars, and disunity, We have seen many fall of nations in front of our eyes. Sri Lanka ,, Haiti and many others. UK Queen is globalist and she will do any thing to eat up USA. divided all of us , Trump, Biden, Abortion, No Abortion, and many other things. A divided nation will not stand for many more months. Once fall of USA has arrived sooner than you think. Then hell will brake loose.. I ask all read other nations India kicked British and now 75 years of freedom. Is really still colony of British controled greed. Why 1Billion Indians are poor living conditions. UK still owns over 100 nations but people think are freedom?
    We never been free and soon we all take bait that UK Queen set us up all , we have no escape ?
    This beautifull Nation is gone to be annexed to Canada and Mexico under North American Union and AMERO will be new Money of NAU? Indeed when people with guns demonstrate it will soon be bloody hell USA. Queen of London knows every tricks USA citizens to Civil War 2? What a Shame indeed.Global Warming and WW3 will take care of planet for 1000 years to come in radiations.

  4. It is about time the earth warms back up to normal. Have you ever looked at the average earth temperature charts that scientists have put together? It shows that we are actually in a cold spell, as far as the average earth temperature goes, and that we have quite a ways to go to get back to normal. It even shows that the rate of change during the transitions is very fast, even faster than the changes we are currently seeing. If we are to believe scientists, then we should believe all the data and be overjoyed that the earth is heading back to its normal temperatures.
    By the way, I am NOT promoting that we believe scientists because too many tend to manipulate the data to fit their needs. Many years ago I asked an actuary why automobile insurance was about 50% higher for men that it was for women. He told me to just do a bit of research on salary difference between men and women. At that time men, in general, men earned almost 50% more than women. A great “ah ha” moment, and had shown what the numbers were really about and how they were manipulated.
    I hope everyone has a great day!

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