Why does the US Army electrify the Chicago and Sanitary Ship Canal’s water


The Chicago and Sanitary Ship Canal is the path that invasive carp would take to reach the Great Lakes.

So to stop them, the US Army Corps of Engineers has installed an electric barrier.

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  1. Everyone who thinks they can play God and control life on earth using their lame “satanic science” which is evil and is playing God, will spend eternity in Hell for that sin.All the evil in this world is here because of that sin: playing God and calling it “science”. From CERN to vaccines and poisons they can patent. Human beings are not God, they are the exact image of the devil in Hell.

  2. Carp suck. I caught one on the Mississippi River. Thy fight good, so I kicked him loose, but if you are fishing for a trout, and carp are around, then it won’t be fun fishing.

    If there’s any water in the Rio Grande try electricity in there, and keep the sørøs invaders out of America. They’re worse than carp.

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