Florida has a secret surveillance system at toll roads tracking you and your car

New report shows Florida Has a Secret Surveillance System At Toll Roads Tracking You and Your Car
New report shows Florida has a Secret Surveillance System At Toll Roads Tracking You and Your Car. Picture: Get_ty

Florida has the most toll roads of any state in the U.S. As of June 2022, there are 719 miles of toll roads in the sunshine state. Now we know why, and it’s not for the revenue. Actually, it is for the revenue, but it is also because police are gathering information about you at toll booths hiding secret surveillance systems to track both you and your car. And it seems that most of the Florida citizenry isn’t even aware of this.

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USA Today has been tracking reports of the secret surveillance program for over six months. In that time, it found that there is a database collecting vehicle and driver information. Both the SunPass and EZ Pass toll networks are doing it. Florida’s Law Enforcement Notification System gathers information through those convenient transponders.

On its face, this is probably a good thing for law enforcement to have. It makes it much easier to track Amber Alert suspects, stolen vehicles, and cars involved in criminal activity. Florida Police can request information from the database for these circumstances, and more.

And that’s the problem. Police can request information and then add any vehicles it chooses to the system, whether a crime was committed or not. Legally, there are no boundaries for police information requests. And the other, more sinister issue, is that Florida is mum about the system in general. It doesn’t want anything related to its tracking system divulged.

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All requests for information from USA Today to the Florida Department of Transportation were denied. It even justified not disclosing anything about the tracking by citing a public records law in the books. But the specific law has never been provided, and multiple attorneys said that this type of law if it even exists, doesn’t apply in this circumstance.

So all of this reeks of privacy concerns for all of Florida, and its tourism industry. Any and all traveling on toll roads now have private information stored in Florida’s surveillance system. But Lee Tien, a California attorney for the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation had a much more ominous concern.

He told USA Today, “For many people, they’re like I’m nobody, who the hell cares about me?’ But part of what’s the case about this kind of routinized, ubiquitous surveillance is that they don’t have to care about you at first. They just collect as much data as possible, and then ask who’s doing interesting stuff,” he said.

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So initially, probably not a lot will come from the information collected. But over time, the police can delve into your information for any number of reasons with impunity, whether legitimate or not. Yes, most of our information is out there somewhere. But what Florida is collecting should not be used against you. The laws, which are nonexistent, should be very strict about who can access this data, and how it can be used.

And the state mustn’t be shielded from releasing information about what the system is, how it tracks our data, who gets access to it, and what protections we have for that information. The system is paid for by the public, and those overseeing it are elected by the public, so there is no law, excuse, or reason for the Florida government to be hiding this information. Elections are coming up in November, hold your representative accountable for what they do with our tax dollars and our private information. [News Press, Motor Biscuit]

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  1. While they have wet dreams of agenda 21 coming to fruition it won’t happen easily if at all.Its been exposed for the world to see.
    Far as the social crediting system also not gonna happen.This might work in China where the culture is more geared to it.Here in the US we are used to being falsely accused labeled slandered and called everything in the book.We succeed in spite of it.
    Oh and one other thing the termite brigade is using this in the US they hope to entrap their targets to become criminals or commit suicide.This is so that they can collect on their life insurance scams.If the first two fail they will torture their targets through what they call the medical justice system.Fake families and fake diagnosis will be created allowing invasive treatments that are a cover for torture.If that fails they will try to dissappear their targets.
    When oh when will everyone realize the termite brigade is running the whole show and playing countries as puppets?This includes China Russia USA and ukraine.Any country the brigade infiltrates.The list is to long for this post

  2. New Jersey has been doing that since the mid sixties. The Pennsylvania Turnpike sends a bill to the vehicle owner if there is no pre-paid pass. The tollbooths in and around Chicago have had cameras since at least the 90s when I went through there.

    If you are out in public, you’re out in public; anyone can see you. I have cameras on my house and can track each and every car passing by both ways. Because they’re out in public.

  3. .50cal, do you seriously and unironically think that Trump/Desantis is Jesus? You’re talking like a mad humanist fanatic, bad-mouthing anyone who states any FACTS about someone you view as sacred/holy and a savior. You’re likening Trump to Christ. I don’t have any spiritual hope for you.

    Trump and Desantis are secretly NWO U.N. agents working to bring Democratic policies, “green energy”/solar panels, public riots, social unrest to Florida and America. Gavin Newsom donated tons of $$$ to Ron Desantis recently, a lot of uni-party action. This isn’t opinion. Ron Desantis is setting the stage to turn Florida into the next California as he plans to abandon being state president – the result of his ungodly theocratic policies targeting certain peoples, especially the poor and homeless. Before you applaud his anti-trans policies that’ll fail via anger-filled social unrest, our nation’s kids can barely survive to adulthood without antidepressants, sensory rooms, therapy dogs in classrooms, SPED therapy rooms, and a cocktail of behavioral/anti-suicide medications due to the post-1987 eruption in ASDs and chronic illnesses/glyphosate/sky spray making humans postnatally-intersex.

  4. Photography is not a crime. This story, being as how cameras are everywhere, is most likely a cointelpro feature to divide and conquer, to get people heated up against Gov Desantis.

  5. @ .50cal

    Not picking a side here….just being objective.

    Regarding what Laura Ann said:

    There are photos of Trump with Epstein…which are very easy to find.

    Also…he has bragged and made it abundantly clear: “I am the Father of the vaxxine.” If someone thinks the vaxxine is totally safe and likes it, then I guess that fact would not bother them. It would also not bother them that Operation Warp Speed was a Trump operation.

    Laura Ann’s statement: “Didn’t drain any swamp, infact added more rats to swamp” is said in the spirit of Truth.

    As someone who is impartial to these political parties, I found this interesting…. Go and look at his videos when he was in debate against Hillary and his rhetoric was so flammable about locking her up and jailing her. As a lifelong actor (TV reality show, sitcoms, and WWF) he really stirred up the crowd. They loved it! However….

    After getting elected, at his inaugral dinner the FIRST thing he did was asked Hillary and Bill to stand up…then he said what great friends they all were and how much he respected them.

    None of what I mentioned is my “opinion” or can be disputed.

    So people who love the truth should have spotted that a deceiver was before them from day one. Or surely, they have figured it out by now.

    • Trump was ill advised on fake vax. A photo of Trump and PedoEpstein doesn’t prove he was friends. He was photographed with plenty of other shitheads too.

      I agree on one part. He should condemn the fake vax, and point out how he was deceived by Dr. Fraudchi and Birx.

      He also never mandated a fake vax. He was not in favor of employer mandates either. He also was infected and used alternative medicine. He was for Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorazine etc… )forgot how to spell that last medicine.)

      • Trump is not a globalist. Why would the globo-homo-satanists be attacking him via the gestapofblie?
        Yes, he voted democrat. Ronald Reagen was a dem before he became a Republican back in the 1960’s, when he was govenor. Of course, Kennedy dems had more sanity back then too.

        Was our country this jacked up evil when Trump was running the show? Sick of hearing lame treadworn talking points that every lame troll has used dozens of times all over the internet for the last five years.

      • Exactly right 50cal. Consider there is a war going on. The hoax pandemic broke(mentally) a lot of people. The NWO/Cabal intended keeping the world locked down. This would have collapsed everything. We’d be in a depression that would make 1929 look like a nonevent. This was the Great Reset the NWO/Satanists had planned. Trump had no choice then but to embrace the VAX. It made people feel safe to go outside again. Also, the Gates bunch were working on a much deadlier VAX, but because they were pushed, we got the far less deadly version. One source says if you quit getting boosters, over time the bad effects wear off. This is why they want you to keep getting them. It’s a war and things get complicated, but Trump saved or butts. Consider that had the Military not fixed enough vote fraud in 2016, and the Hildabeast had gotten in.

  6. All states have ways of tracking you. The counters embeded in the roadway, some track cell signals and can see when you cross one and then cross another one they can track traffic speeds, cameras all over the place, etc., this is nothing new.

  7. Like the Government is going to stop this.
    There will be an excuse as to how all of this fits a normal purpose. Like helping to plot traffic flows, by knowing their, to and from destinations. Which will help planners in making future roads and road expansion projects.

  8. Ron Desantis fully supports solar panels as a “carbon-neutral” alternative to mainland U.S. traditional energy – solar panels which are/were created in China. He claims to strongly oppose the WEF (world evil forum), but he is friends with WEF member Donald Trump (who had speeches with the WEF, somewhere within its website borders). Ron is also controversial for doing NOTHING – or very little – about Florida’s serious affordable housing and medical debt crisis, both crises are bringing Floridians to their knees. I’m a “political atheist” (not a real atheist though) and refuse to believe that Trump/Desantis is Jesus or whatever.

      • Trump is pals w/ Rothchilds, friend w/ Rev. Paula “trollop” White, Epstein, and other Q ppl. Didn’t drain any swamp, infact added more rats to swamp.

    • Since most people (those who vote esp) see their party as infallible they will continue to vote a straight ticket for office since their party is perfect they think. I do not participate in any elections anyway, thru the years politicial scandals in both parties are ongoing local and state also. The uniparty has taken over now run by the WEF in most countries. Running these countries incl the U.S. are WEF puppets, mainy Claus Schwab. https://www.technocracy.news/forget-politician-puppets-its-the-global-technocracy-that-must-be-broken/ This is why “nothing ever gets done”.

      • C’mon, President Trump is not friends with Rothschild, nor Epstein. Making up crap today, or going along with crap you read. Troll score = zero.

        That story about Trump being on PedoEpstein’s plane is lame. He missed a connecting flight, and was offered a flight by PedoEpstein He wasn’t at Pedo Island.

        Fricken lame ass!

      • While I agree that there is a uniparty this doesn’t include all candidates or officials.
        Since you don’t participate in voting why should we take anything you say about politics seriously?

    • Redchinesey produce most solar equipment(80+%). They use slave labor. They have resources there on hand. Pretty hard to compete against that in a business sense.

      DeSantis is solid, and better than any governor in the U.S.A. He isn’t a pussy rino, or stealth demoncrat pervert either.

    • Anomymous,

      What, just make up stuff or doing Troll duty? Trump a WEF member…………….Sure. You’re either Stupid or a Troll.

  9. i don’t care how self-righteous law enforcement needs or wants this to persist, but it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. RON, you had better put this to rest soon or it will reflect on your governorship and any chances you may have about running for the presidency. There is a limit to how much we’ll put up with Conservative’s need to have us all surveIlLed FOR SAFETY !!!

    Because it has nothing to do with our safety and has everything to do with CONTOL CAPICHE ???

    • I thought it was “comprende” (ha ha) agree w/you onDeSantis. corr. on comment above yours: error “mainy” instead: controlled by Claus, etc.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.
      And the massive database also records All Digital transactions.
      They already know everything about most individuals. That information will be used as part of your Social credit score for your Universal check. The check you’ll have to sell your soul to receive. And that will be but a short time. As Agenda 21 is currently underway tens of Millions will soon find themselves walking too the nearest Fusion Center.
      There they will be categorized. (Rex 84)
      You either get to move on. (Requires forfeiting your soul.)
      You get re-educated. (Same as the first.)
      And the third line?
      Simply put,
      Life Ends!
      And eternal life begins.
      Something very few in the first two lines will experience.
      I say few because there will be some that will recognize and have a change of heart.

    • Trump is first and foremost a Globalist.
      He for his entire life was a Registered Democrat every single election cycle until he ran for President.
      His daughter threw Jesus Christ in the trash can to become a Chabad Lubavich (Jew).
      She has been announced by the WEF as one of their up and coming young leaders.

      It’s sad that the citizenry of this country would be and could be so dumb as to think this guy cares one thing about you.

      You saw how he double talked and lied about Locking Her Up if elected.

      • Yeah, the daughter. Not Trump. Everybody has family that do stupid crap. My sister and dead great aunt were stupid lefties.

      • Ranger.
        Pure Troll BS. The Globalists have gone crazy in their attacks against President Trump. He is their worst enemy.

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