China calls its citizens to leave Ukraine – Tajikistan and Kazakhstan too

China calls its citizens to leave Ukraine - Tajikistan and Kazakhstan too
China calls its citizens to leave Ukraine – Tajikistan and Kazakhstan too. In picture: Black smoke rises over Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on October 10, 2022, following Russian missile attacks earlier in the day. Photo: VCG

China called on its citizens still in Ukraine to strengthen security precautions and evacuate the country given the severe security situation within Ukraine on Saturday.

The appeal was made by the Foreign Ministry and China’s embassy in Ukraine in a news release.

Already last week, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine had issued three successive notices, reiterating the grave safety situation in the country, reminding Chinese nationals to take emergency shelter and prepare emergency supplies.

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China’s embassy in Ukraine will assist in organizing the evacuation and transfer of personnel in need.

Those in Ukraine should contact the embassy as soon as possible and register their personal information.

People who voluntarily evacuate and transfer by themselves are asked to report to the diplomatic mission.

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