Terrorist attack in Iran! At least 15 people have been killed and 40 others injured in an attack on a Shia religious shrine

Iran terror attack October 2022
Iran terror attack in October 2022. Picture: Amin Berenjkar

A popular religious destination in south-central Iran has been hit with a major terrorist attack on Wednesday at a moment tensions in the Islamic Republic are already boiling after over a month of anti-government protests.

At least 15 people have been killed and 40 others injured in an attack on a Shia religious shrine in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, according to the country’s state media, IRNA,” Al Jazeera writes.

The Shah Cheragh Shrine is a famous Shia funerary monument and mosque, among the iconic city’s most famous attractions drawing millions of pilgrims each year.

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Regional reports say the attack started when three armed men entered the shrine and opened fire on crowds of worshippers. There were initial conflicting reports over how many men carried out the attack.

Iranian state media details that “The attack targeted worshippers who were preparing for evening prayers. Reports say one woman and three children were among the victims.” The gunmen stormed the religious complex and attempted to kill as many random people as possible.

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The terrorist started shooting at the worshippers after entering the holy shrine through the front door,” Iran’s Mehr News agency reports. Al Jazeera says, citing local sources, that two of the attackers have been arrested, however, one was able to flee the scene.

IRNA cited eyewitnesses who described the attackers as “takfiri terrorists” – a reference to hardline Sunni groups like ISIS or al-Qaeda. Iran-linked Nour news in early reporting described the men as “not Iranian nationals.

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While such a brazen attack by a foreign terrorist group is rare inside Iran, it’s not the first time the religious pilgrimage site suffered large-scale attack. Shiraz was hit by a major mosque bombing in April 2008, which killed 14 people.

Likely security services will use this latest incident to justify the need to crack down harder on anti-government protesters. [Zero Hedge]

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  1. Who Is Purposely Sabotaging Power Plants All Over America?
    Someone has been attacking power plants all over the country, and federal authorities are trying to determine who it is. In recent days, we have seen significant sabotage on both the east and west coasts, and so it can’t just be one individual that is responsible. During the first eight months of this year, there were a total of 106 attacks on the electrical grid in the United States, and that represents the highest number ever recorded in a single year. Hopefully authorities will be able to get to the bottom of this mystery, because winter will soon officially begin. If power goes out in your neck of the woods for an extended period of time during the months ahead, what will you do?

    Nobody is trying to claim that the string of attacks that we have been witnessing is “accidental”, and ABC News is reporting that “federal authorities are investigating” this very disturbing trend…

    Federal authorities are investigating a number of recent reported acts of sabotage on utility companies, a senior law enforcement said ABC NEWS.

  2. A strike by shopkeepers has started across Iran on Tuesday to mark the third anniversary of a brutal crackdown against those protesting fuel price rises, as anger against the Islamic republic’s rulers continues to grow.

    The call to commemorate the hundreds who were killed in the unrest that started on November 15, 2019 is expected to give new momentum to protests that have roiled Iran over the last 10 weeks.

    Three years ago, a surprise fuel price hike sparked bloody street violence in which police stations were attacked, shops looted and banks and petrol stations torched.

    Amnesty International said at least 304 people were killed although a tribunal convened in London this year by rights groups suggested the death toll was much higher.
    Massive rally in Berlin supporting Iranian protesters
    STORY: They gathered in the centre of the capital around the Victory Column, with many waving Iran’s pre-revolutionary flags and holding banners condemning the treatment of women in Iran or bearing the names of women who were killed.

    “It’s the first time that so many people in our nation are united regardless of their political beliefs before revolution and after revolution. I am really proud to be here today,” said a protestor who gave her name only as Lilu.

    Another demonstrator, who gave her name only as Maru, said, “We are here to (say), ‘We are with you, with all Iranian people’.”

    The protests in Iran began after the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini in police custody in mid-September, following her arrest for allegedly breaking the rules on wearing a headscarf. The demonstrations have continued for weeks despite a crackdown by security forces, with human rights groups saying that at least 240 people have been killed and thousands arrested across the country.

  3. The Terrorist attacked was False Flag Operations by the Facist Islamic Mullahs in charge and they have no validaty as well. The Terrorist regime of Iran must go and Iranian will this time kicked them out by force. People of Iran please attack all sensetive parts of Iran and get guns then real change comes after all people and youths have all guns. Fighthing with brutalirty is arm themslevles with guns to freeIran. God be with you all. Mullah must go … We ask all Pasdaran come to help of people of Iran and do not kill Iranian. Massive demonstrations all over world till Iran free. God with you all people of Iran we want freedom and USA embassy reponed. Biden sucks if you negotiote with terrorists then shame on you.

  4. The brutal Iranian regime has claimed another victim. On Wednesday, Iranian celebrity chef Mehrshad Shahidi was beaten to death by security forces during anti-hijab protests. Shahidi, dubbed the Jamie Oliver of Iran, was just shy of his twentieth birthday.  He was reportedly killed by multiple violent baton blows at the hands of security forces.

    They’re beating and killing people left and right for protesting bad hijab. Here’s an exerpt from TGP.

    • HAY .50CAL
      Yes go here and see world is united against Hijab.. We salute Iranian youth for the revolution in Iran.
      Saudi Arabia it seems was attacked by Yemen Terrorists belong to Iran Islamic of Iran . i am sure people of Iran will want to urgently get raid of these parasite Ayatollahs…

    • HAY .50CAL
      Yes go here and see world is united against Hijab.. We salute Iranian youth for the revolution in Iran.
      Saudi Arabia it seems was attacked by Yemen Terrorists belong to Iran Islamic of Iran . i am sure people of Iran will want to urgently get raid of these parasite Ayatollahs…

    • On the odysee index home page they have four halloween/Samhain videos posted, Mr. Fake Christian.
      Why are you always peddling videos from a website that dedicates their home page to video content that is not Christian?

      People are judged by the company they keep.

  5. The fact that people can be murdered in these religious institutions should open ones mind to all religion….it is the work of the devil. These places are not truly holy b/c if they were, God would not allow evil in a Holy place. Satan and his minions were kicked out of heaven b/c he is evil. Heaven is a Holy place. God does not reside in places built by human hands.
    Read the book of Acts 17 in its entirety.
    [Act 17:24 NKJV] 24 “God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands.

    • Innocent people being killed in the places where they worship does not make the place they worship evil. People often gather for fellowship in religious institutions.

      Don’t forget, God created lucifer who tried to usurp his seat. Personally speaking I do not go to a church, but many do, and find comfort in that fellowship. It does not matter if God dwells in a church. Your argument is asinine.

      • 50 I understand your point I am sorry you think my argument is nonsense but according to your way of thinking…. the pagans found fellowship by sacrificing people, especially children. They also, practice rituals, communicate with the “dead”/ evil spirits, and worship idols, just to name a few….all of these things are an abomination to God. But it comforted the pagans and brought them fellowship….C’mon!

        the devil doesn’t care what religion anyone is. as long as they aren’t following Jesus Christ, Yahusha Hamashiach. Religion puts a target on people’s backs. It’s like race, which is also a way to target people. Religion is a way to separate people, this is what satan wants. Muslims hate Christians and Jews. Jews hate Muslims and Christians. Christians say they love everyone but I can beg to differ.
        The point of my previous statement was Religion itself is the workings of the devil. The people believe what they are doing is what their God wants. But we do NOT all believe in the ONE & ONLY TRUE GOD. The people themselves are not evil, just deceived! I do agree that they should NOT be murdered, anywhere, but people have been dying for their beliefs for thousands of years.
        I pray for them to find Yahusha Hamashiach, Jesus Christ b/c without Him, there is no salvation.
        much love <3

    • The church has brainwashed so many people into taking the mark since 2020. Anyone who takes the mark and tells them “God told me to take this” has been deceived by Lucifer and has genetically modified themselves into the satanic triple helix of 10 5 666 5 (DNA modification as seen in ModernaTX’s pdf which is 248 pages long) into an un-redeemable Nephilim “alien” hybrid. Since 2020 there’s more and more “human” babies resembling grey aliens or soulless hyper-developed “humans” with beady, drone eyes. DARPA A.I./Bluetooth chipped Human Drones… and Giants as in the Book of Enoch and Genesis?

      MagaMan (not the video game guy but the orange one) is part of the Presbyterian Church and its friends such as Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Modern Israel.

  6. Religious institutions should be off-limits to terrorist attacks. Don’t be assholers! That includes the whackos that shoot up Christian churches too!

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