Corruption out in the open, not even trying to hiding it anymore


“My nervous tic??? Oh, I like to turn pages as I grow more and more uncomfortable.”

The Whitehouse straight up refuses to look into large market movements that happened before the public was notified about the newest inflation numbers. Struggling to give a coherent answer. has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. “Sean Clownitty”
    “Tucker wore a bow-tie when he worked for cnn. Bow-tie people are creepy weirdos usually.” LMAO

  2. I have given up reading any financial or political shows. Can’t call it news. It’s all theater. Everything is rigged and distorted. Like 50cal says, get ready.

    • Gary,
      Yeah, news radio is horseshit. So lame. I sit here smoking my pipe tobacco and laugh at these controlled opposition mouthpieces. Doesn’t matter which one speaks. Glenda Beck, Sean Clownitty, LaVin. All liars and shitbags.

      • Oh yeah, and Cuck & Buck, the Rush Limbaugh replacements. Do these guys suck? Non-stop chit-chat about Hollywood pedosatanist films and tv shows. Politically, they are watered down conservatives too. Worthless drivel spewers.

  3. Silver hit $24.09 yesterday. Paper money is dogcrap. Stocks are a joke. Been playing silver forever, but harder when it hit $18. Get g-vg 90% coin silver called scrap. Stockpile enough for harsh economy. Once paper is worthless you will be able to keep food on the table. Get ammo and other preps organized too. Plenty of lawless behavior will occur. So, you will need to be willing and able to repel shitbags.

    • Only Gold/Silver are Constitutional Money in America.
      And many of us buy small amounts of Silver – junk dimes/quarters – and SMALL pieces of Gold ($1850 an ounce hurts).
      And a couple of other ‘precious’ metals are being acquired by Me and many others – Lead, Red Brass, Copper and ‘boxes’ to store these items.
      Also…for Bartering, Liquor, Female ‘needs’, candies and other long term storage items are good for ‘later’…
      Where I live in rural KY, we barter all the time…I got a Wood burning stove (Worth over $1000) just for putting $120 worth of boards on a neighbors trailer! He’s happy, I’m happy and warm and with the Weather coming in next week ( .

      • Mike,
        Yeah, barter works good. I do it too. Gold is too spendy for me as far as metals go. Kennedy 1964 half dollars are affordable scrap, and usually the quality is way better than other scrap coins. 20 of them is around $225-235. Easier to carry too.

    • 50,
      I think when it hits, it will be so bad you won’t be able to buy food. If you don’t have it or grow it, you’ll starve.

      • Paid $14.18 for 2 doz eggs today. Ridiculous. My hens are aged out, and don’t lay in Winter anyways. Looks like I will be buying some new Rhode Island Reds for Spring. I used to produce 40 eggs a day a few years back, and gave them to poor people out here. They didn’t appreciate much, so I just quit being nice, downsized, and since feed went way up it seemed like a lame endeavor anyways. My ducks aged out too. All my female geese died from redchinesey bird flu.

      • I understand they only lay at full production for 2 years. Hard to do, but then you should make soup out of them. I keep a heat lamp in my coop in the winter. Need to as is too cold here. But all that extra light and they lay all through winter. 21 hens and got 19 eggs yesterday. Usually get 14 to 16. Hope world holds together so you can get new ones in spring. Last couple of years spring chicks have become harder to get.

      • My hens and roosters sleep near my door where some sleep in the coup. I made a shelter out of a large old fouton mattress. I folded it and leaned in a way so it is like a tunnel. Some go in there and stay warmer than the coup. I need a fresh batch of poulettes for Spring. I would have done it last year, but feed went up and I got lazy about it. Don’t feel like eating them. They have names. Lol

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