Is the global elite intent on sterilizing men in an effort to control the population?


Much of our societal circumstances are engineered rather than organic in nature. Ideas and norms that are thought to have emerged organically will meet with less resistance than those known to have been promoted by those with an agenda…

depopulation agenda from 1969
Depopulation agenda from 1969. Page 8 of the Jaffe Center for Family Planning Program Development

Interesting that “chronic depression” is listed amongst a bunch of potential state policies in the 2nd column.

Of course, ‘fertility agents’ in water’ supply infest our drinking water…

The decrease in fertility rate for women is well-known and accepted (4th graph in this article).

For men, however, we lack data and the results aren’t taken seriously… The latest study in date, a follow-up to the 2017 meta-analysis of Levine et al., shows that sperm count is declining at an accelerated pace (now at 2.64% per year) and throughout all parts of world.

Scientists are now calling for a recognition of decreased male fertility ‘as a major public health problem’, and indeed important ‘for the survival of the human (and other) species’.

Here a nice summary of the current state of the things:

‘Some phrases bear repeating, and the warning of Levine et al in their landmark paper of 2017 that a ‘strong’ decline in count was the ‘canary in the coalmine’ holds true yet again in their latest update. The canary is still chirping its warning – but now with even greater force – in its implications for male reproductive and more general health.

‘The group’s first report of a significant decrease in sperm concentration and count was derived from studies published between 1981 and 2013 and based only on findings from men in North America, Europe and Australia. The latest analysis now extends the geography to include studies from South and Central America, Asia and Africa and thus presents a more complete picture of global trends in sperm count – and with data drawn from studies up to 2019.

sperm count decrease depopulation agenda
sperm count decrease depopulation agenda

‘It is, say the authors, now ‘the largest ever to examine temporal trends in sperm counts’, with results extending the decline reported in the 2017 as steeper and with even greater implications for male health. ‘We hope that the new evidence provided here will receive attention not only from clinicians and scientists, but also from decision-makers and the general public,’ the authors urge. This, as the Male Reproductive Health Initiative and others have noted, is not an isolated call.

‘The latest analysis added seven years of sample collection and 44 study results to the 244 included in the earlier 2017 analysis. That study, in its analysis of data trends between 1973 and 2011, found an average decline in mean sperm concentration of 1.6% per year, and an overall decline of 59.3%. The latest study found an even steeper decline – to 2.64% post-2000 and an overall fall of 62.3% among unselected men. This, add the authors, represents a decline of –4.70 million/year, and indicates that this world-wide decline is continuing into the 21st century at an accelerated pace.

sperm count decrease depopulation agenda
sperm count decrease depopulation agenda

‘Back in 1992, in the first major analysis of sperm counts, Carlsen et al had described the decline they found as ‘genuine’ and thereby a cause for concern.(6) However, the question of reliability remains, and Levine et al, recognising its continuing controversy, ask if their results, even with such great numbers, might simply be the results of a random decrease. In response, they note a paucity of studies showing no decrease and the rigour of their own methodology (adjustments for covariates and fertility status, and sensitivity analysis).

And what about the canary in the coalmine?

‘Even the Carlsen paper of 50 years ago made a link between falling sperm counts and testicular cancer and hypospadias. Since then, countless studies have shown associations between low sperm count and increased rates of all-cause mortality and some other cancers.

sperm count decrease depopulation agenda
sperm count decrease depopulation agenda

‘Indeed, at the Male Reproductive Health Initiative Campus meeting in September Michael Eisenberg, director of male reproductive medicine at Stanford, similarly proposed that male fertility offered ‘a window’ on later health, with evidence of associations with cancers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic and immune conditions, hospitalisations and mortality. His own and other studies have shown a clear correlation between semen parameters and life expectancy.

And reproductive health?

‘The authors here acknowledge that ‘sperm count is an imperfect proxy for infertility’, but is ‘closely linked to fertility chances’. Thus they note that, while a sperm concentration beyond a threshold of 40–50 million/ml does not necessarily imply a higher probability of conception, the probability of conception does drop rapidly as counts decline below this threshold.

sperm count decrease depopulation agenda
sperm count decrease depopulation agenda

‘On a population level,’ they explain, ‘the drop in mean [sperm concentration] from 104 to 49 million/ml that we report here implies a substantial increase in the proportion of men with delayed time to conception.’ This, despite the widespread uptake and success of ICSI, attributes a major responsibility of sperm count to the world’s plunging fertility rates.

sperm count decrease depopulation agenda
sperm count decrease depopulation agenda

‘This indeed reflects the doomsday scenario of Aitken and others, with Levine et al now calling for a recognition of decreased male fertility ‘as a major public health problem’, and indeed important ‘for the survival of the human (and other) species’. [Focus on Reproduction] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. I find this a bit odd that women are speaking about this instead of men speaking about their loss. How about motility? If there are fewer of the little swimmers, are they stronger? If so, you’d only feed a few. What we’d truly like to know is what have the scientist attributed that drop to. Anyone? ANYONE ???

  2. Too little red meat and you can get anemic. Too much red meat that is too red can cause numerous other issues.
    The problem now is that commercial farm cows are being fed and injected with all kinds of agents that contribute to infertility and other health issues. Sam for chicken and pork.

  3. 1970’s tight pants lower sperm count. Don’t wear tight pants. Don’t eat soy. Don’t smoke pot either.

      • They sped up the film. Shows a 5-hour period. I understand it’s what folks call the Dark Twin. It’s right behind the Earth right now and gets spotted if conditions are just right. Long story, but it has long been rumored that there was a planet sharing Earth’s orbit, but at exactly 180 degrees on the other side of the Sun. So, nobody ever sees it. Same size and same gravity, but just a chunk of dark rock. No atmosphere. So, reflects very little light. Yes, it rotates like most planets. Because Nibiru is approaching retrograde, coming at the Earth head on, the Earth has slowed in its orbit and the Twin has caught up and is now right behind us. Sometimes looking back in our orbit right around Sunset it gets spotted. A couple years ago in Dubai, some folks spotted it beside the road after sunset just sitting there and pulled out smart phones and recorded it. Hit the Internet but Trolls came out in force and said was a hoax. Anyway, there’s some visual evidence the Nibiru story is correct. Just an outline. Complicated.

      • Also, this is why the Chemtrails. They are to reduce visibility of this. Eventually it won’t work, but they intend to for as long as possible. Until the Earth Changes kick in and people are stuck.

      • One thing on that time lapsed video. It could be faked by adding a layer, and animating a sphere. Put that layer over base layer. Not saying it was done, but if it can be done, then it must be noted. Looks real though.

      • Noted on possible fake. But keep seeing the exact same image from other sources. Including the smart phone ones, a couple years ago in Dubai. But it’s so outside our normal idea of things it’s hard to take in. But explains why the Establishment is fogging the crap out of the sky to reduce visibility with Chemtrails. Especially population areas.

  4. All those meds psychiatrists prescribe for depression and anxiety kill the libido. Look how many people are on those pharma-sorcery pills. All the potheads are lowering their sperm count too. Yes, pot does lower sperm count and motility. Then there is diet, and all the garbage people eat these days. Very fat men get diabetic and impotent.

    • ASDs massively increase the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes (disease of chronic, unfettered carbohydrate excess/sugar excess) and therefore hyperandrogenism in girls, and low T in boys. But it’s just “neurodiversity” I guess.

      • The reason ASDs/au.tistic disorders and sensory processing disorders increase the risks for such diseases, is because of serious food problems/food aversion problems primarily. I’ve seen ASD kids who eat seldom but chicken nuggets/macaroni/carbohydrates/chocolate milk/”beige foods” and candy or so forth. It’s easy to assume these parents are just negligent or lazy, but food aversions are hell on earth for many of these individuals, and “unpleasant foods” can cause gagging, vomiting, overstimulation and so forth. The British-American pilgrims society (and their ancestors) seem to have deliberately and massively wiped out healthy indigenous American foods/recipes and cultures, while keeping those of East Asia intact as it’s very likely that Ja.pan will be the new world order leader/one world culture and false savior.

    • Heck, when I was in 7th grade, my friend Bob and I were starting to hit puberty. I can remember that guy had a hairy chest by age 12.

      Now the kids look like pubeless wonders. No muscle development, little girl bird arms. We all ate meat, vegetables, and potatoes back then too. We were also hitting the weight room at school. I did pull-ups, sit ups, and push ups in my room at night too. Now, schools don’t have PE anymore.

      The guys like Homobama and Fraudchi throw baseballs like complete spaz’s. Bad diet and no exercise /sports lead to pussification of America. lolollolllollllolllll

      • Red meat promotes more testosterone. Fully charged Men are hard to control. So, they promote soy and grains which are high in estrogen. Tell you “Red Meat Bad”. Read about a Granola Mother who fed her son a high veggie diet with a lot of soy. Had man boobs and a little tool.

  5. The ASD/”neurodiversity” increase is also a factor no one wants to discuss. Even without sterility the ASD/”nd” populations very rarely reproduce, not due to “laziness” but due to profound difficulties with daily life. And scarily enough, human babies and fetuses are dying everywhere, while a new species of “black eyed babies”/or “the fallen” is being born from the mothers who got the thing.

      • You’re a liar and fraud 50cluck. Thousands of articles about the decline of children’s health and wellbeing, especially boys who suffer from ASD, are available on Loss Of Brain Trust if you think I’m lying or spamming. I’ll never make my own for-profit website nor substack because I don’t care about money or subscribers.

      • Yep, always wall papers the chat to cover discussion. Those who pass by keep going because nobody wants to read his crap. Wonder how much he gets paid to cheat people out of truth?

      • If the “alternative” news cared about loss of brain trust and its articles, I wouldn’t be “spamming”.

      • Anonymous,
        You don’t care either. That’s just you line to keep attacking here. Nobody here reads your crap. You know that. Just weapons to destroy the chat.

  6. I blame low T on selenium deficiency.

    I am nearly 55, when I take selenium, it’s like being 16 again.

    Nobody wants to look at nutrition as an underlying factor, but it’s incredibly important.

    I also experienced arrhythmia, which I learned from natural news presents with EXACT same symptoms as Magnesium deficiency….

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