Are areca nut plantations really driving ‘monkey fever’


A tick-borne infection often spread in areca nut plantations in India is among several on the rise around the world. Can we get better at tackling these outbreaks?

Well, I don’t think a nut is responsible for outbreaks of any kinds…

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  1. I don’t know if these plantations are causing a “virus”, or if “m-pocks” even exists, but this “miracle drug” you’re about to see, is created by Merck/the people behind Gardasil which has taken out and crippled countless teen girls. Now it’s being used by foolish parents to “treat” aluminum-induced/vacksine induced neurodegenerative disorders. (Inside the Private Group Where Parents Give Ivermectin to Kids With Autism)

    MMS is also a gut lining destroyer, but praised as another “miracle drug” for lukewarm Christian parents to use on their aluminum damaged victim children.

      • Yes Manuel it’s very sickening and disturbing. MMS “” treatment scandal was exposed in 2016, with horrifying pictures of children’s “roundworms” (demolished gut linings from destructive MMS solutions) and their skin becoming red and swollen from MMS baths. Then came “Jilly Juice” from a mentally ill woman claiming her salt-filled, stroke-inducing slop to cure everything imaginable/causing one to live to 400 years (her own words). Foolish biblically illiterate “Christian” parents using their aluminum damaged youth as guinea pigs for “miracle ASD cures” has been going on for years since 1986 – this time, very dangerous dog dewormers to ‘cure” aluminum induced neuro-degenerative diseases.

        They worsen the ASD client’s health problems, and they don’t take out the toxic aluminum/such products from the brain/gut anyways (unlike safe, truly natural bentonite clay/charcoal soaps which I used with family to treat my rather severe learning disorders and ASD/profound anxiety – without any nasty side effects). You’ll never see bentonite clay/charcoal/other safe natural aluminum detox treatments on any corporate “Christian” S.O.S. (Synagogue of website or news platform.

        Age of Aut.ism (once a good website) is selling its soul to DJT/Joe Rogan (self-proclaimed round earth shill – pushing the unbiblical and dangerous “carnivore diet”) and Elon Musk/Twitter and posting too much junk that has nothing to do with ASDs (mainly celebrities/”free speech saviors” such as the Neuralink guy Muskrat) and we truly are in the last days.

    • Do you have any knowledge of or experience with ivermectin? It’s interesting that you get your news from Vice—the same source of dribble with all of their retarded, or, to use the politically correct word, “leftest,” viewpoints.

    • Hey Manuel, I’m guessing your “visitor” above has something to do with this article on SOTT: “478400-Pentagon-paying-private-companies-to-create-propaganda-censorship-tech-for-the-Feds”… ie a paid shill who knows absolutely nothing about Ivermectin or MMS, or real health in general. Anyone who is still trying to flog the dead horse of veterinary Ivermectin (pun intended) is a dead giveaway as a propagandist Pharma shill. Of course, if they hadn’t suppressed the availability of human Ivermectin to make their poison COVIDshot program fly, the “pandemic” would never have happened and 100s of thousands (millions?) of people would not have had their lives hijacked and/or terminated… is there a Vice article about that?

      PS… I’m sorry to say I REALLY don’t like your new site design… very cold and corporate looking, and confusing to try to scan, visually. Sorry.

      • Of course there is no article in Vice about what we all know. But things are changing and ‘they’ start acknowledging it. I don’t know if ‘visitor’ is a shill. I don’t know her/him. But it is not because she/he has a different opinion than yours/mine that she/he is not allowed to be there and comment. I am sure she/he’s not the only one around. She/he just expresses himself… Sorry you dislike the new site design… I needed a change… I will write a post about how it works this weekend. Best, Manuel

        • I just want to make 2 points here, then I’ll drop it… I responded to “visitor’s” comments because I KNOW from personal experience that Ivermectin works: my 80+ year old mate (who seems barely 60 to most) came home from the hospital, where they tried their best to kill her with 2 courses of Remsesivir, and since they weren’t going to get their bonus for killing her with that, they finally sent her home, and she was a total zombie: a walker inside the house, on oxygen, barely able to remember what you just said, etc. At this point I finally found my way through the process of getting Ivermectin prescribed and delivered online, and within a week she was her old self, almost. Healthcare visitors noticed immediately the significant change in her in one week, but we were afraid to preach Ivermectin because there was such a strong propaganda and legal push against it, we didn’t dare. So someone trying to push that Ivermectin is crazy nonesense stood out immediately to my BS meter.
          On to point 2: notice your own falling all over yourself to respond “correctly”… so many he/shes that it’s hard to even read what you’re trying to say. And then another response from “visitor” that has so many references to initials and vague references to online “information” that by the time you’ve gotten through a paragraph and even thought about following up “their” references, you can’t even remember what the point was you were thinking about. This is exactly the kind of disinformation that they want to bog us down with, so we are all fighting with each other and can’t even remember that THEY HAVE STOLEN OUR WORLD FROM US!!!! We are made to believe that we are all idiots who can’t be trusted, in a world with no God, where Nature is trying it’s best to kill us with viruses that just randomly mutate from bats in a cave somewhere, etc etc.
          You know what I mean, brother?

      • Why did pro vexxine DJT and RD promote Ivermectin then? Watch TimTruth’s videos about the danger’s of Merck’s “miracle drug” that is literally endorsed by Bill Gates to “save” impoverished African nations from “viruses”. CVD19 is fake like all these “viruses” are, it’s never been isolated in a lab at all, so you can’t take a “miracle drug” to cure something that does not exist. Merck also creates gardasil.

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