Collision Russian fighter jet with US drone




  1. The collision was manifutured and i think really push to WW3 Russians.. Putin is aware of UK coup aginst world and North America he has been very patient and knows UK New World System means world Martial Law , with all bnaks in the world holidays and collpase globally. New quakes 7.0 in ring of fire is exactly we predicted it and still more quakes of 6 pluses still on the way till March 21 of 2023.
    Israel F30c are in Nevada training till March 24 of 2023. Iran and China and Russia are having massive exercises in gulf of Oman , till March 24 as well. Israeli F30c are in USA for massive exercise to hit Ayatoolahs. Please kindly do not say attack on Iran because no one in Iran wants ww3 or against Israel, People of Israel and Iran are 2 good friends since time of Cyrus the Great. Today UK puppet government is ayatoolahs and they have illegally occupied land of arayan nation of Iran. They myust go even if Israel attack without contact continues to bomb ayatoolahswith raditions in middleeast and europe and russia and asia? Please duck duck go the Israeli Radar? One last questions why California and Alaska shaking so badly? Dankashin , Afidaizin

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