Unprecedented California snowmageddon: 3 FEET of fresh snow in a day, 4.3 FEET in 2 days at Soda Springs; up to 6 FEET in Lake Arrowhead

California snow storms
California snow storms

A string of back-to-back winter storms have lashed the West this week, delivering blizzard conditions and heavy snowfall to many areas in California.

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The days long brutal conditions left many stranded, shut down highways, knocked out power to thousands of homes and buried roads in snow as communities ran low on supplies.

Some called it the biggest storm in decades with communities in Lake Arrowhead area getting up to 6 feet of snow.

“This is the most magnificent storm in the 31 years that I’ve been here,” said a resident. “I have never seen North Bay this snowy and untraveled.”

Last week, the National Weather Service in Los Angeles issued its first blizzard warning since 1989. Over the weekend, the weather service’s local office in San Diego issued its first-ever blizzard warning for the San Bernardino County mountains.

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Blizzard warnings remain in effect Wednesday across the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, where up to 2 feet of additional snowfall are possible through Wednesday morning.

The San Bernadino Mountain Range could see between 1 and 3 feet of additional snowfall, with gusts up to 75 mph.

Highest snow totals over the past day

Palisades Tahoe, California: 38 inches

Soda Springs, California: 36 inches

Central Sierra Snow Lab, California: 36 inches

Homewood Mountain, California: 36 inches

Kirkwood Meadows, California: 30 inches

Twin Bridges, California: 28 inches

Northstar, California: 27 inches

Tahoma, California: 27 inches

Mt. Rose Ski Base, Nevada: 20 inches

Mammoth Mountain, California: 20 inches

Washougal, Oregon: 18 inches

West Cape Horn, Oregon: 17 inches

Portland Airport, Oregon: 7.5 inches

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Highest snow totals over the past 2 days

Soda Springs, California: 52 inches

Kirkwood Meadows, California: 43 inches

Twin Bridges, California: 39 inches

Kingvale, California: 36 inches

Donner Peak, California: 36 inches

Brighton Crest, Utah: 33 inches

Teton Village, Wyoming: 28 inches


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