New study: Half of ‘Long Covid’ sufferers have never had C19

long Covid
long Covid

The paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s (JAMA) Network Open looked at “post–COVID-19 condition (PCC) in young people after mild acute infection” to find how common it was and to find risk factors. Participants were aged between 12 and 25.

The authors offer this straightforward conclusion: “PCC was not associated with biological markers specific to viral infection.” That is, participants were equally likely to suffer from ‘Long Covid’, whether or not they had suffered from acute COVID-19.

The researchers concluded that Long Covid is predicted by “initial symptom severity” and, intriguingly, “psychosocial factors”.

Article: Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post–COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults

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  1. Sounds like more BS to me. No vax No Kung-flu. Don’t shake hands either. Keep germy people off my property too. If you have been vaxxed you shed spike proteins. So get your frickin ass outa here.

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