China about to break Boeing-Airbus duopoly


Welcomed with a conventional water salute at the Beijing Capital International Airport, the C919, China’s first self-developed narrow-body jet, successfully completed its maiden commercial flight by its global customer China Eastern Airlines on Sunday.

Some 130 passengers experienced the flight with MU 9191, which took off from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 10:32 am, and landed at the Beijing Capital International Airport at 12:31 pm after about two hours flying in the air.

Now, here’s an evaluation from a few months ago:

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  1. No one wants to fly in a made in China plane. No worries, most wont buy. Chinese products are rarely good quality, who would be stupid enough to take that risk?

  2. Since China produces 50% of U.S. aircraft components, it was only a matter of time before they assembled one themselves! A Boeing 737 for 50% less than Boeing charges. The world is their oyster!

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