This is disgusting

LA Dodgers Gay Pride Event
LA Dodgers Gay Pride Event Boycott

Boycott Los Angeles Dodgers.

This group will be special guests for the Dodgers gay pride event. They have learned nothing from Bud Light and Target.

Enough is enough.

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  1. My best friend from baseball days, his father would takes us in the 65′ Lincoln to Dodgers Stadium way back in the 1960’s -1970’s. He (my best friend)still has season tickets. So, I asked him what he thought. He said, he gave the fag-nite tickets away for free.

    It isn’t the players. It is the corporate squishes. The fans are very pissed off. People go to games to escape the hokey wokey pokey crap. These corporate people are going to lose fans and money. Keep politics out of sports. Been saying this for decades too. Baseball is the last sport I have not cancelled. For Christmas I sent my best friend a Sandy Koufax slabbed and graded 1959 card. Baseball fans are very serious about the sport. It is an All-American passtime. Transvestites are mental defective and perverts. GTFO!

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