Those who can erase the past control the present and own the future

lawsuit against The Internet Archive
lawsuit against The Internet Archive

What do you think about the lawsuit against The Internet Archive?

Could this lawsuit cause the Archive to collapse, and what does it mean for the future of media preservation?

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Those who can erase the past… control the present. Those who control the present… Own the future…

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  1. E Raise His Story and Con troll the Pre sent are the pro per terms???!!! Uno allah ala Sims celebrating is 33rd birthday???!!!

  2. It’s what cultural marxists do best. Destroy culture, history, monuments, and traditions (like the nuclear family). We have our own version of the maoist red brigade here in America. Everything they touch turns to shit.

  3. Can’t say I see this getting very far.Remember those who destroy history like those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it.
    However that requires the last generations to have died out.They gave their hand away when they actively began destruction far prematurely.Its safe to say their are multiple copies of this website

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