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us earthquake map 2015, New U.S. earthquake hazard map, heartland earthquake hazard, Heartland danger zones emerge on new U.S. earthquake hazard map, man-mad earthquake heartland, fracking quake heartland, human-caused earthquake heartland, new map of earthquake hazard usa, Incorporating Induced Seismicity in the 2014 United States National Seismic Hazard Model. There is are new earthquake hazard zones appearing on the US earthquake map!, New map highlights earthquake risk zones. Blue boxes indicate areas with induced, or human-caused, quakes.

New U.S. earthquake hazard map 2015: There’s a new fracking quake hazard in the...

There's a new hazard in the Heartland: Man-made earthquake! The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently released a map highlighting the future risk for man-made earthquakes,...
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Fracking Quake: Recent Tremor Epidemic Creates Earthquake Insurance Boom In Oklahoma

There is at least one industry benefiting from the recent epidemic of tremors in the Sooner State, Oklahoma... Insurances! So far in 2014, Oklahoma has...
Ohio fracking drilling shut down after quakes, Fracking quake Ohio - March 11 2014, fracking quake march 2014, frackquake, earthquake fracking usa march 2014, Fracking quake Ohio - March 11 2014. Photo: Reuters, Ohio fracking drilling shut down after quakes march 2014, Ohio fracking drilling shut down after quakes ohio march 2014, Carbon Limestone Landfill in Lowellville fracking, stops because of fracking quakes, Ohio fracking plant closed because of quakes march 2014, Ohio fracking drilling shut down after quakes

Fracking Quake: Ohio Authorities Shut Down Fracking Operation After Two Quakes – March 11...

Ohio authorities have halted a fracking operation following two quakes. And it's not the first time in Ohio! When were the quakes created? The Ohio tremors...
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Fracking quake in Oklahoma? Earthquake Booms Baffle Guthrie Residents – February 14 2014

Loud booms were heard and felt by many residents around Guthrie, Oklahoma, on Friday 14, 2014. They were created by four earthquakes. The largest,...
Unusual earthquake swarm in Surrey, UK - Fracking 'exploration' began a year ago

UK fracking earthquake cover-up? Unusual quake series swarms Surrey, UK since beginning of exploration

One of the largest earthquakes since a "swarm" of tremors began in the area last year has been felt in Surrey and...
irving dallas earthquake swarm december 2015, earthquake swarm dallas december 2015, earthquake swarm irving december 2015, 5 earthquakes rattle irving dallas in december 2015

A series of 5 quakes rattles Dallas and Irving in December 2015 – ...

Is the swarm of quakes that hit Irving and Dallas a sign of the next big one? These tremors have alarmed residents, but scientists say the...
us earthquake capital

And The New US Earthquake Capital Is… As Expected Where Fracking Booms!

Move over California, there’s a new US earthquake capital. According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, Oklahoma had three times as many earthquakes as California...
fracking quake rattle alberta january 2015,earthquake swarm alberta fracking, fracking earthquake 2015, fracking earthquake swarm 2015, fracking earthquake swarm alberta 2015, fracking quake rattle alberta january 2015, A swarm of quakes have been created in Alberta in January 2015

Fracking Earthquake Swarm Sets Up A New Record In Alberta

Fracking appears to be the origin for a swarm of earthquakes near Fox Creek, Alberta, including a record-breaking tremor with a felt magnitude of...
earthquake dallas january 2015 video, earthquake swarm dallas irving january 2015, earthquake swarm dallas january 2015, earthquake irving january 2015, loud booms dallas irving january 2014, earthquake swarm rattles dallas january 2015, earthquake booms dallas irving january 2015, Epicenter Irving of earthquake swarm that rattled DFW area in January 2015.

Irving Earthquake Swarm Is Unusual And Alarms Residents Living Near Fracking Sites

There have been dozens of earthquakes in the past few months. They now average about one a day, although some days bring many more. This is...
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Fracking Activates Unknown Fault And Triggers Rare Shaking Earthquake in Ohio

Ohio is normally geologically quiet! But fracking may activate previously unknown faults as determined by geologists from the University of Miami. According to a new scientific...
greeley earthquake halts fracking operation in Colorado, colorado fracking operations halted after second earthquake in Colorado in June 2014, fracking quake greeley stops fracking site in colorado june 2014, Second Greeley earthquake halts injection site work, fracking opeartions stopped after second greeley earthquake june 2014, greeley fracking earthquake june 2014 news, fracking operation stop after second earthquake in greeley colorado june 2014, greeley earthquake fracking, frackquake greeley june 2014, frackquake colorado news june 2014, fracking creates earthquake in greeley june 2014, frackquake greeley june 2014, A fracking site in Colorado. Photo: The University of Colorado Denver

Colorado Halts Fracking Site Work Following Earthquakes After Ohio – June 2014

Second Greeley earthquake halts injection site work! Colorado oil and gas regulators have halted work at a Greeley wastewater injection site after a second small...
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Is fracking responsible? USGS issues rare EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Oklahoma – May 5 2014

As shown in the following video by USGS, central Oklahoma’s rate of recorded magnitude 2-3 earthquakes is on the rise. More than 2500 earthquakes...
fracking vs earthquake, fracking and quake, frack quakes, map of earthquakes associated with fracking. SB, Ohio Announces Tougher Permit Conditions for Drilling Activities Near Faults and Areas of Seismic Activity

Ohio is the first state to regulate the fracking-earthquake connection

Fracking is bad... We all know that. Among others, it contaminates drinking water reservoirs and trigger earthquakes. To minimize the latest, Ohio now demands...
US fracking map, fracking map, hydraulic fracturing map, map Map of fracking in the USA, United States Shale gas plays, map of US shale gas plays, us fracking map


Central Oklahoma has seen a massive increase in earthquakes in recent years, leading geologists to link the uptick in quakes to the fracking boom. The...
fracking, fracking and earthquake, fracking Texas 2014, Anti-fracking manifestation in Texas - January 24 2014, fracking vs earthquake, frackquake, earthquake fracking texas 2014, fracking news 2014, news about fracking Texas 2014, breacking news fracking texas 2014

Is Fracking Responsible For Loud Booms And Earthquakes in Texas? – January 24 2014

There is an earth-shaking mystery going around in Texas. Mystery? You bet! They are caused by fracking! Fracking not only pollutes rivers but also triggers...

Natural Fracking: Subduction Zone Earthquake May Trigger Undersea Methane Reservoirs

Earthquakes can rip open sub-sea pockets of methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas, according to a study by German and Swiss scientists published on...

Science Magazine: Four Studies Demonstrate That Fracking and Geothermal Power Produce Earthquakes

Since several years now, Sincedutch = Dutchsinse reports on earthquakes related to fracking and oil drilling among other subjects. Now, in this week issue of...

Fracking Responsible for Mysterious Earthquake Swarm at Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas – May 2013

Thank you to an active follower who sent me the link. At least three dozen earthquakes were felt in central Arkansas over last week,...
An extremely rare M5.0 earthquake hits Texas on March 26 2020, An extremely rare M5.0 earthquake hits Texas on March 26 map, An extremely rare M5.0 earthquake hits Texas on March 26 video, An extremely rare M5.0 earthquake hits Texas on March 26 pictures

Rare M5.0 Earthquake Strikes Texas – Only The Third Quake To Hit M5.0 in...

A rare M5.0 earthquake hit at a depth of 5.2 miles near Mentone, Texas just after 10 a.m. Thursday, March 26, 2020.
kansas earthquake june 22 2019, kansas earthquake june 22 2019 map, kansas earthquake june 22 2019 video, kansas earthquake june 22 2019 pictures

Rare M4.5 earthquake rattles Kansas – 1,000 reports on USGS with some from more...

A rare M4.5 earthquake hit north of Plainville early Saturday morning. The quake was heard and felt across...
sichuan earthquake china june 17 2019, sichuan earthquake death toll, sichuan earthquake video june 2019, sichuan earthquake pictures june 2019

M5.8 Sichuan earthquake: At least 12 dead and 134 injured – Widespread infrastructure destruction...

The toll from a strong 5.8-magnitude earthquake in southwest China rose to 12 dead and 134 injured on Tuesday (Jun 18) as...
tides can trigger earthquakes

Underwater magma chambers breathing, expanding and contracting due to TIDES trigger earthquakes

As the tides swoosh across the planet, the weight of the oceans on the seafloor changes. Seismologists were unsurprised these shifts would...
nebraska earthquake, earthquake in nebraska, 6 earthquakes nebraska, nebraska earthquakes april 2018

I am wondering what is going on there: 6th rare earthquake hits Nebraska in...

More earthquakes have hit in central Nebraska. The U.S. Geological Survey say that an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 hit around 4:48 p.m....
Very unusual: 4 earthquakes hit Nebraska within two days, nebraska 4 earthquakes in 2 days

Very unusual: Four earthquakes shake Nebraska in two days

A very unusual seismic phenomenon is currently taking place in Nebraska. There were 4 earthquakes in central Nebraska on April 9th and 10th. The...
oklahoma fracking earthquakes 2009-2017, scientists under pressure in Oklahoma, More evidence is coming to light showing that scientists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey were pressured not to publicly connect the state's dramatic increase in earthquakes with oil and gas activity

Scientists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey were pressured not to publicly connect the state’s...

We all know that Oklahoma faces a dramatic increase in earthquakes linked to fracking for oil and gas. Now it seems that scientists at the...
earthquake kansas april 2017, A M3.4 earthquake hit Mankato, Kansas on April 4, 2017

Loud booms and rumblings as M3.4 quake hits Mankato, Kansas

A M3.4 earthquake rattled Mankato, Kansas just before 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 4, 2017. People reported loud booms and and strong shaking across the State. Here...
M5.6 earthquake oklahoma, M5.6 earthquake oklahoma september 3 2016, earthquake oklahoma september 2016, M5.6 earthquake oklahoma september 2016

M5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma felt across the entire midwest, from North Dakota through Houston

A M5.6 earthquake struck near Pawnee, Oklahoma on September 3, 2016. According to press reports the quake was felt virtually across the entire midwest, from...
earthquake florida july 16 2016, rare earthquake florida july 16 2016, strange earthquake florida july 16 2016, esrthquake florida, florida earthquake july 2016

2 rare earthquakes rattle the US: M3.7 off Florida and M4.1 in Shishmaref, Alaska

Within the last 24 hours, 2 rare earthquakes have rattled the USA. A 3.7-magnitude tremor was recorded off northwest Florida, while a M4.1 quake shook...
M4.2 earthquake crescent oklahoma march 29 2016, loud booms Oklahoma, fracking earthquake oklahoma march 29 2016

Earthquake booms as M4.2 earthquake rattles Oklahoma

Earthquake booms were reported across Oklahoma as a M4.2 quake hit around Crescent. Did you also hear any noises related to this frackquake? The moderately strong fracking...