Societal Collapse

News and information about the incoming economic collapse and other weird sociologic and politic phenomena.

Spider wine

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that’s totally, 100% her profession, no doubt

that's totally, 100% her profession, no doubt View Reddit by Tomogassi - View Source

Improvisation: Lvl 100

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Cooking Oil Is Bad Even For the Healthiest Hearts

A group of indigenous people in Bolivia are famous for their healthy hearts. But a new study shows that they are experiencing higher rates of obesity after the...

Just passed this on the New Jersey turnpike.

Just passed this on the New Jersey turnpike. View Reddit by MarvinM00n - View Source

He’s back

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Dont Put Your Penis in That Please

This guy was walking in a forest when he suddenly stumble upon this sex doll. And I have never seen a better one! LOL! Yes, my best...

Things Not Allowed on Naturist Beach

This sign is just so funny! But you better follow these rules on a naturist beach. Lol! I would say it's pretty obvious, but if you have...

Interesting material for a ladder…[OC]

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Poor drinks

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I think my toster is beyond fucked. ( R hmmm )

I think my toster is beyond fucked. ( R hmmm ) View Reddit by opum123 - View Source

I can move my vein

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Never saw that coming

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Great inspiration for your child’s name

Those parents gave a completely weird name to their daughter! And what inspired their child's name is crazy insane! I can't explain this at all. Dou you...

The End of Antibiotics?

Despite the fact that the spread of resistant bacteria is seen as one of the biggest global threats... Pharmaceutical companies are pulling out of research into new...

I need the video

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She Opened Up a Yardsale Book and Photos of Hitler Fell Out

Who would expect this to happen when opening a book at a yardsale? Yes, sometimes weird things fall out of a book: Hitler images with children and taking...

Why Planting Trees Can No Longer Save Our Atmosphere

Why Planting Trees Can No Longer Save Our Atmosphere View Reddit by xavierdc - View Source

Bernie Asks Veteran $130K+ in Medical Debt How He Plans on Paying it Off: “I’m Going to Kill Me”

Bernie Sanders asks a Navy veteran with $130K+ in medical debt how he plans on paying it off: The man answers: "I'm going to kill myself"

I didn’t see that coming

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How to change tyre like a boss

How to change tyre like a boss View Reddit by Satyampanchal - View Source

Dead Human Bodies Move After Death

You want a skin-crawling discovery? An Australian scientist has proved that human bodies move around significantly for more than a year after death. A...

A Huge Liquidation of Public Land in Alaska Puts at Risk a Combined Area as Large as Georgia

In at least 9 instances, public lands are being privatized, privately developed, or transfered to state or corporate ownership. This is one of the largest liquidations of America’s...

Why Are Suicides Increasing among US Farmers?

Suicide is a rising problem in the United States, especially among farmers. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that Americans who work...

Deaths From 9/11 Related Illnesses Will Soon Outpace the Number of People Lost on That Fateful Day

It has been 18 years since the Sept. 11, 2001, and more than 2,000 people have died of an illness related to the terrorist attacks. It is expected...

Rare Brain-Infecting Virus Spread by Mosquitoes Kills 3 in USA

On Monday, Rhode Island health officials reported that a resident had died after contracting the Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus. The death marks the third U.S. fatality linked...

Scary Message in a Bottle Rescues 3 Trekkers in California Canyon

♫I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.♫ Someone did. And rescued three people from a canyon in the California woods. Trapped...

Freak Trampoline Accident Shoots Metal Spring Like a Bullet in Boy’s Back

Boy, 12, survives 'freak' trampoline accident after metal spring shoots into his back 'like a bullet'. Yes, the metal coil dislodged and shot into his back only narrowly...

Cancer Will Kill Us All!

While globally cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remains the most common cause of death... In high-income countries cancer is now the leading cause of death for middle-aged adults.

Prisoner Escapes Cell Through Small Food Door (Video)

Yes this guy did escape! But was caught 2 years later... You can get a longer...

Werewolves Are Multiplying in Spain

More than a dozen babies in Spain developed the 'Werewolf Syndrome' from drug mix-up. Can you imagine that? Parents, of course, panicked after seeing the bodies and faces...

Welcome to Virginia

This crazy guy running naked in the video is thought to have killed three people in Virginia. Wow, this guy killed three people and police still refused to...

Strange Subway Creatures

Look at that disgusting thing biting that poor rat. He's horrifying everybody around... Except the owl in the corner!

Vaping Is Deadly

There's always a first time! Illinois reports US's first death tied to vaping, which comes after a series of mysterious lung disease cases. Vaping...

Twenty-Three Tonnes of Chinese Fentanyl Seized in Mexico – That’s Enough to Kill 11 Billion People

WOW! What a catch! More than 23,000 kilograms of Chinese fentanyl seized at Mexico's largest seaport. [email protected] was right. China continues to pour poison into...

Stop Bombing Poseidon, Sooner Or Later He Is Going to Get a Very Annoyed

North Korea fired two projectiles presumed to be short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea on Saturday. And that increases tensions with South Korea even after the end...

The City of Flint is Damned

Flint water crisis worsens. The city just spilled 2 million gallons of sewage into the Flint River. Flint water crisis worsens as two...

New Job Opening in the Trump Administration

The U.S. reportedly plans to open a consulate in Greenland for the first time in decades amid President Trump’s interest in the island. The State Department, in a letter...

Florida Teacher Tells Students If He Were a School Shooter He Would Have a 1000-Person Body Count

So, how would you react if your kid came back from school telling you that? The school district says the teacher is on administrative leave while they investigate...