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Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii after massive 7.7-magnitude on the Queen...

27 October 2012 - Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii after massive 7.7-magnitude on the Queen Charlotte Islands A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii...

The Strange Sounds from Earthquakes

It is known that volcanoes, hurricanes and meteors produce infrasonic booms. A new study from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico reports...

4.8 Earthquake after Strange Humming Sounds in New Zealand

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Underwater Microphone Captures Honshu, Japan Earthquake, sound of honshu earthquake, earthquake sound, sound of honshu earthquake 2011, japan earthquake 2011 sound, terrifying sound of Great Honshu earthquake in japan 2011, great honshu japan earthquake 2011 sound video

Listen To The Terrifying Sound of 2011 Honshu Earthquake, Japan (VIDEO)

Listen to the earthquake that created the Great Honshu, Japan tsunami! The terrifying sound of 2011 Honshu earthquake was recorded by an underwater hydrophone located near...

Largest 2012 Earthquake Triggered Temblors Worldwide for a Week

This year's largest earthquake, a magnitude 8.6 temblor on April 11 centered in the East Indian Ocean off Sumatra, did little damage, but it...