Weather Anomalies

News and information about extreme weather, animal mass die-offs and devastating geological phenomena around the world.

Scientists Turn Desert Into Oasis

Chinese scientists were able to transform a desertic area into a green oasis. The new successful method could be used to fight desertification.

Underwater Volcano Erupts in Tonga and Covers Ocean in Ash and Volcanic Rocks

An unexpected underwater eruption occurred near Fonualei island in the Tonga archipelago on August 7, 2019. The eruption was so large that volcanic rocks and ash completely covered the ocean...

Power Outages Impact Thousands in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas

Power outages Sunday impacted thousands of customers in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas. Now SWEPCO says it expects to have all the power restored Sunday, night. Do you...

More Than 100 Extinct Volcanoes Discovered in Australia

A field of about 100 volcanoes in Australia have been discovered. This formerly lava-spewing Jurassic landscape was buried under hundreds of feet of rock in Australia's Cooper and...

Oregon Repeals a Ban on Construction of Critical Facilities in Cascadia Tsunami Zones

Experts say it’s only a matter of time before the Cascadia causes a massive earthquake that generates a tsunami as much as seven stories tall and destroys parts of Oregon Coast.

Now It’s Raining Plastic in the Rocky Mountains

It seems now that plastic is finding its way into every facet of life on the planet. And that's pretty alarming. We eat, drink and breathe microplastics. And...

Tarantula Migration Starts in Colorado

The annual tarantula migration has started in southeastern Colorado. And soon thousands of male giant spiders will invade the prairies to find a mate.

4,000 Evacuations as Dangerous Wildfire Engulfs Gran Canaria

A wildfire sweeping across Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands led to the evacuation of 4,000 people on Sunday. And officials warned tackling the blaze was being complicated...

Indiana Dunes Beach Closed After Steel Plant Releases Cyanide in Little Calumet River

An Indiana steel plant dumped toxic levels of cyanide and ammonia-nitrogen in the Little Calumet River. Dead fish and toxic chemicals in the water have caused several beaches...

Severe Hailstorm Kills 11,000 Birds in Montana

A severe hailstorm killed more than 11,000 birds at Big Lake Wildlife Management Area west of Molt in Montana on August 11, 2019. 20 to 30 percent of...

Dead zone in the Chesapeake Bay is Growing

Maryland scientists have been warning of a growing “dead zone” in the Chesapeake Bay. Now the numbers are in, confirming their dire warnings were correct.

US Shakes and Rumbles: M4.2 Earthquake and Aftershocks Damage Kansas – M5.4 Earthquake Hits Off Oregon – M4.2 tremor in Montana

A M4.2 earthquake hit south-central Kansas on Friday causing damage in the Hutchinson area. The temblor occurred about three miles west-southwest of South Hutchinson at 7:59 a.m at...

The Living Elephant Skeleton

An elephant was put on display at a Sri Lankan festival. But its old, bony frame was covered by a costume, wildlife advocates said. Horrifying!

Incredible 18 Inches of Hail Accumulates and Damages Crops in Michigan

After record-breaking hailstones fell from the Colorado sky earlier this week. Now a snowstorm of ice left staggering amounts of hail accumulations and damage to some crops in...

Bald Eagle Power!

Thought we saw an injured bald eagle on the St. Croix River tonight. He wasn't injured! That is just awesome!

Gay Penguins To Become Parents After Adopting Egg Abandoned by Mother

A pair of male king penguins at Berlin Zoo are about to become parents... After adopting an egg abandoned by its mother. Gay...

Radioactive Iodine Detected in Norway Days After Russian Rocket Blast

Radioactive contamination from the deadly Russian rocket engine test explosion has been detected in northern Norway. The samples of radioactive iodine were collected in the period Aug. 9-12,...

Three million hectares of Forest burned down in Russia

After less than a month, the devastating wildfires in Russia have burned down more than three million hectares of forest. And it doesn't seem to be finished yet.

The Plastic Apocalypse Has Now Reached the Arctic and the Alps

The plastic apocalypse has now reached the Arctic and the Alps! Plastic particles are literally falling from the sky with snow in the highest latitudes as well...

Anomalous Weather Phenomena That Wouldn’t Be Out of Place in US South Are Happening in the Far North And That’s Pretty Scary!

Within the past several days, weather phenomena that wouldn’t be out of place in the U.S. South happened in the far north... And that's king of worrying!

Floods and Landslides Kill 270 And Displace One Million in India in Two Weeks

It's not even mid Ausgust... But according to official numbers, floods and landslides have killed more than 270 people in India this month, displaced one million and inundated...

Dramatic Volcanic Eruption of Popocatepetl Volcano Sends Ash Plumes 20-24,000 ft (6-7 km) in the Air Over Mexico (Video)

The Popocatepetl volcano has increased its activity with more frequent individual explosions. During during the last 24 hours, 160 exhalations (passive emissions of steam, gas and/or ash), 548...

Why Cats Eat Grass?

It makes them sick! But cats continue eating grass - Now what's behind this mystery? why cats eat grass?

Just Some Haunting Squid Eggs

After these weird looking squids hatch... They can fly away! Some squid eggs in a sea shell. via Reddit

A Horrifying Act of Vandalism

LOL! Share!

A Real Bad Idea

She wanted to win a photo contest. And ended up at the hospital! venomous octopus bites woman in Washington.

The internet has erupted with fears about the magma under Yellowstone Park, but mountains to the west pose the true dangers

The series of powerful earthquakes that shook Southern California in July prompted understandable concern about whether the region is prepared for a period of possibly more active seismic shifts.

Half Female, Half Male

A rare genetic disorder called bilateral gynandromorphism splits a creature perfectly in half. One side is male and one side is female. This butterfly is...

Severe Storms Trigger Deadly Flash Flooding, Avalanches and Traffic Chaos in the Swiss Alps (Video)

Authorities in Switzerland are searching for a man and a girl missing since Sunday. Their car was swept away by flash flooding caused by heavy rain in the...

Giant Cracks Are Gradually Swallowing the Desert in Arizona (Videos)

Some arid valleys of central and southeastern Arizona are home to giant earth cracks that swallow everything on their paths. These huge earth fissures...

These 5 Recent News Reports Show What Ecological Collapse Means

The planet is at the start of a sixth mass extinction in its history, with huge losses already reported in larger animals that are easier to study. Here 5 different alarming...

Vampire Spider Sucks Blood of Bat Trapped in Its Web (Video)

Did you say vampire spider? A stunned Texas woman captured moments of a garden spider about the size of her palm killing and sucking the blood of a...

Giant Sinkhole Swallows Australian Family Jeep – Todler Saved (Video)

This is the terrifying moment a huge sinkhole swallowed two cars in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In one of the cars, an Australian family with a 20-month...

Top 5 Warning Signs Before a Strong Earthquake

There is no proven way to predict an earthquake. But does nature warn when a big earthquake is coming? Do animals hear this warning when we don't? Here...

Top 5 Terrifying Natural Disasters Going On Right Now

We have to start accepting that our planet neither needs nor particularly wants us on its back. Random acts of God or vengeance? Here a compilation of some...

Spike in Radioactivity After Mysterious Rocket Test Explosion in Russia – Residents Rush on Iodine Pills

Russia’s state nuclear agency Rosatom said early on Saturday that five of its staff members had been killed in an accident during tests on a military site in northern Russia.

Giant Radioactive Squid From Fukushima Discovered On California Coast

Before Californians only worried about parking when they went to the beach. Now they have to worry about Godzilla coming after them. A giant...

Large-Scale Power Outages Hit London and SE England (Video)

Trains ground to a halt and traffic lights were knocked out after a suspected failure of the National Grid left a large area of London and the South East without power.

Gateway to Hell Found in Arkansas

Is this mysterious burning hole in Midway, Arkansas a gateway to hell? The mysterious volleyball-sized was burning roughly two feet in diameter, eight feet tall and for approximately...