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Suspicious Observer

After hearing this strange extremely loud jet noise, I went out side to find more neighbors looking at they patchy gray sky confused and startled. One young teen thought the sound was multiple jets, coming back around and flying low and just circling above. I tried my best to pinpoint it’s heading and spot it with a pair of binoculars. but the sky was too low with this weak cloud covering so I had to rely on my ears. I had a neighbor who is a military historian and helped put the “craft” heading south and “struggling”.
I went immediately to liveairtraffic website and looked for craft in our area. THE ONLY plane was A “BLOCKED” craft that left (MDW) Midway Airport, Chicago IL. This “craft” was above us at about 9:13PM CST. I watched the “jet” take a direct route to Houston TX, making a perfect pass over an Air Force Base in Southern Il. It was @43,000ft at this time and was cruising steady at 484kt. It landed at a Houston Airport about 11:30PM cst estimated. I have more details but bottom line it seems like an f-18 escorted jetliner from MDW Chicago to HOU hilgram Airport, in Houston for Super Tuesday.