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here are some patents that ‘ others’ might find interesting, especially since they concern, altering ‘ cyclones, hurricanes, and tornadoes’

Methods and apparatus for affecting an atmospheric cyclone
WO 2014093338 A1


Methods and apparatus for affecting atmospheric cyclones and quantifying parameters related to affected cyclones are disclosed. These methods and apparatus involve attacking a cyclone chemically, without the use of explosives, with an energy transfer inhibitor that can interfere with the transmission of energy from the sea surface to the cyclone. The energy transfer inhibitor, if properly chosen and placed in a desired path of the storm, can deny one part of the storm energy from the latent heat of vaporization of water, thereby creating an imbalance in the centrifugal force of the cyclone. The imbalance can reduce the intensity of the cyclone and can be used to steer the storm. Quantifying parameters associated with an affected cyclone enables forecasting the cyclone’s energy state, path, intensity, or other related parameters and evaluating possible additional energy transfer inhibitor distribution.

Publication number WO2014093338 A1
Publication type Application
Application number PCT/US2013/074120
Publication date Jun 19, 2014
Filing date Dec 10, 2013
Priority date Dec 10, 2012
Also published as EP2928285A1, US20150296721

Inventors Allen M. BISSELL
Applicant Bissell Allen M
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