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I will admit, the day before I watched this ceremony, I was pretty depressed. But after witnessing it and having my eyes opened, I’m feeling motivated. Indeed, years of media indoctrination has caused many to yield and conform to this world system. I had been visiting this site and a few alternatives for news, so imagine my surprise seeing something like this positioned top right of the site.

Recall the National Socialist Revival, the Protestant Reformation, and the American Revolution… Who were the antagonists of these? International Jewry, Catholic Church, and Great Britain. And who ordained all of these? The God of the Hebrews/the Jewish people, Jehovah/Jesus. You will undoubtedly think I am insane for bringing all of this up and I probably am.

Let us first examine National Socialism/NSDAP/Hitler, which have been slandered considerably. There was a German Jewish prophet called Heinrich Heine. In NSDAP propaganda, they really slandered this man and when they took power, they went to great lengths to burn most of his works. He had prophesied book burnings and the involvement of occult/paganism in Germany’s rise. Yet there is a statement people have overlooked:

“Do not smile at my advice — the advice of a dreamer who warns you against Kantians, Fichteans, and philosophers of nature. Do not smile at the visionary who anticipates the same revolution in the realm of the visible as has taken place in the spiritual.”

This is exactly the same thing you’ll find in Daniel 10:13, 20, 21 and in various instances of the so-called New Testament! That is, what happens in the spiritual realm will eventually occur in the physical world.

Now you’ll notice that I have also highlighted the word Kantians. Eerily, this prophet cautions against philosophies in the same manner as Jesus does in the book of Revelation. Mozart was a Freemason who was a friend of Adam Weishaupt, A Jesuit and the founder of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was against the Kantians and his organization was anti-monarchic and originally purposed for goodness. Freemasonry, likewise, has a good origin. Many of the founding fathers of America were Masons and the Tea Party was a political act by Masons. Likewise, many of the Mormon leaders were Masons and their preaching was initially a call to repentance. Sadly, one Mormon leader, John C. Bennett brought corruption to the religion.

If you read the Masonic poem Hand across the sea, you can plainly see that the Freemasons anticipated developments that we are seeing today. I am not necessarily endorsing Freemasonry, as I don’t believe there can be a mixing of religious people (religion is like a Weltanshuuang, which does not allow space for compromise. There can only be one dominant religion or no religion at all).

Rather, it is my belief that such secret societies have been wrongly vilified (and infiltrated/assimilated to some degree) by an union of satanic secret societies, and ultimately Great Britain.

Many like to point out the Jewish influence on the mass media, but who puts them there in the first place? That would be the Jesuits. Never mind what they say about Alberto Rivera, just watch one of his sermons and you’ll see how serious this man was. The Catholic Church does not give God the glory, not only because of the Pope, but it has a dark side. There is a certain duality present everywhere in the world.

Who was the leader of the Protestant Movement? Martin Luther, of Germany. Who was the leader of the National Socialist Movement? Adolf Hitler, of Austria/Germany. Both were sent by God, but were different. Luther rebuked the Jews but he appreciated the so-called Old Testament. Hitler sought to destroy the Jews and he hated the ancient doctrine. Is it really so strange that Germany has always borne the hatred of the world?

“Had Germany remained in this state of military impotence, then today Europe would already have become the victim of Bolshevism, that is, the war of extermination against the European people would long ago have got underway.” – Hitler

“The largest communist party in Europe was in Germany, which had a 78% Jewish membership. Germany was under the greatest threat of any European country of succumbing to Jewish, Bolshevik domination and control, and had, in fact, been specifically targeted by the Comintern as the next domino to fall. Had that come to pass, a bloody “red terror” similar to that which was still going on in Russia would surely have followed. It was against this background that Hitler and the National Socialists launched their program to push Jews out of controlling position in Germany.” – Benton L. Bradberry, The myth of German villainy

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice.” – Coudenhove-Kalergi

We have seen this movement starting with Germany’s migration crisis.

This does not mean antisemitism is the proper response, that will only accelerate things. The Jewish people are still God’s people and are held captive to the conspiracy.

There’s so many more things to be said, but at this point, I am too insane to articulate even the basic things. I’ve made a post at vigilantcitizen on this matter as well: This was before I realized Freemasonry wasn’t necessarily evil.