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Thomas P.

I am now convinced I also have been hearing the sound
sounds like an Un Ending Freight Train lower in
frequency then gets louder in frequency I know its
not a Freight Train here in my location trains do
not go on unending like that … Frequency also
changes, and will sound like a Helicopter for many
hours hovering over the house where I live.

I have been Tweeting Strange Sounds Website
on my Twitter @ BlueRavenUSA
I know now where the Sounds is coming from.

It is from the Grid…Power Lines High
Voltage Power Lines, also Gwen Towers,
Cell Towers, Smart Meters, are all
connected to….Satellites.
Do a search for Deborah Tavares Proof Of Documents
they are using Silent Weapons
Direct Energy Weapons Locked on
many people’s brains tracking people
this is the very reason why speaking
for myself only, when I leave my
location I am in a smaller town here
rural area…when I drove down to
Santa Fe, New Mexico and spent the
night at Motel 6, I also herd the
same exact sound called ELF Waves ,
EMF – Electromagnetic Frequencies
and also they are Beaming this down
Locked on peoples Brains. Killing
people by the way. Not Conspiracy
but Fact – Proven PDF Leaked Documents
I have been trying to educate people
where the strange sounds is exactly
coming from. No you are not crazy
or insane if you hear these sounds.

Does not matter where you go, if they
have a Satellite Locked on your brain
your being tracked.

I have been doing some intensive
research myself about this.

Please Check out
B. Jackson’s You Tube Channel
here –

I am now in Contact with her by
Email here is her you tube channel.

Please notice and watch the
4 Part Videos below

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Also I did read your previous article on
Same Website Strange Sounds
and you are correct, Symptoms
they can give you a Heart Attack,
Seizures, it messes with your Brain,
Chest Pains, can literally drive a
person insane, even if you are not
crazy. Its Very Evil Silent Weapons
Deborah Tavares has Posted Proof
leaked Documents,
military is also using this same
technology microwave weapons and they
can literally split your head open
and Kill you its Deadly and Lethal.

Please do more Research on this
Facts I am sharing.

Also Please Contact this man knows
also exactly what is causing this
this is there plan to take down kill
billions of people off the face of
this planet.

I was curious if anyone around my
local area was going through Same
symptoms I have been experiencing.
A man I found up in Brekenridge, Colorado
also is hearing the Elf Waves.

Mike Patrick
his information and phone number
and Email where you can Contact
him here at this link here

Also please Listen Here
this is a very rare court case
of another targeted individual
his name James Walbert

James Walbert actually won this
court case please search more on him
you can Listen here

Download the Mp3 Audio File Here

James Walbert even made Recognition
to Wired Magazine from winning his court
case here

PDF FILE – Mike Patrick send to my Email
uploaded to my Box Account Here


Leaked NASA Government Document

Hope this information gets out viral, people need
to get educated about this. This is Real technology
they are using. Do not go to psychiatrists they will
label you as a insane. Here is more Proof for
skeptical people out there who still do not
believe this is real. Freedom Fighters posted
this recently Arizona University is actually
using Mind Control with the Brain to Fly Drones
with the Brain? and people are still skeptical
that they do not have this technology to lock
a Satellite onto the human brain yes they do
please wake up people about this. They are
tracking people world wide I believe this is
in Beta Testing, they can turn up the frequencies
Lethal Deadly and can give a person a heart attack.
If you read the Nass Leaked Document War-crimes
they do plan to kill billions off the face of
the planet with this Silent Weapons.

That exactly is where the Strange Sounds people
are hearing. For people who are being attacked
by this day and night there is a Support Group
you can talk to other T.I.s – Targeted Individuals
out the. I am also in contact with Renatta a
wonderful woman helping others.

You need to sign up with a username, password
on Talk Shoe Conference Call. I forgot exactly
the Time but it is every Sunday Afternoon
You can also call in via by landline phone,
Cell Phone can call in when Renatta takes
callers you press (Star *8 on your Phone Keypad)
to talk Live, if you miss the Call you can also
download the Mp3 and Listen as well)

The Support Group of many people now I am
in contact with is found here
on… Talk Shoe

If the Links or PDF FIles did not post correctly
feel free to contact me by Email
and I can Re-Send the links by Email.
Hope this helps out in your research.
I do believe 100 Percent this is FACTS
where the Strange Sounds are coming from.

aka… BlueRaven