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Apocalypse Rider

Wow I didn`t expected such opinions and comments! But I must say one thing – THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT IT! I know that the higher dimension/density is coming or rather we are going (or going back) somewhere higher. So… those auras, fears and screams I think they are subconscious or fully conscious screams of dark forces who are trying to keep masses blind and focused on the most primitive things like money and sex, and they are also in great fear that something is going for them. I read some opinions that from the “Up” there is coming also not only Jesus, but entire alliance of many races who want to help escape some souls from here and end this hell once and for ever. Reine told also that this world is not our… Well, I always felt that this is rather prison than natural planet, and I heard some opinions that Earth was Reptilian/Dragon world but was attacked by someone other and now is occupied (there is also a movie Ancient Aliens – Aliens and Dinosaurs)

According to zombies… I fully agree with that! This is starting to happen right now! In rural areas it isn`t yet so visible but in cities… Almost all people are anorectics (especially young) and have some dreadfully empty and evil sight! And my friends confirm that. I also watched on Youtube some movies about possessions and real zombies, there is also so huge stupor, aggression and hate in comments around the internet, that I think that we can boldly announce that zombie apocalypse have begun.