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Forgotten Alien

Indeed the zombie apocalypse have begun. This is much things to tell about it all. Indeed entire Solar System is going up to the higher dimensions/densities, who christians are calling heaven, but I call it just Normal Natural Spacetime, normal state of being. But explaining this requires introducing in this whole history of it.

This hell we are living in has been created artificially by entire bunch of dark forces from many corners of space. Yahweh was only one of many of them. Dark forces (specifically: elohim, annunakis [yahwehs angels - aggressive and hateful racists like Empire of Man in Warhammer], antichrist angels [occult rebels, like Chaos in Warhammer] pleiadans, andromedans, telosians, aryans, succubs and incubs and various demons and hybrids) led remotely by two dark gods, Amon and Natjahr, always dreamed about total subordination and conquest of universe, killing, torturing and enslaving all encountered life in space. They hated literally everything different, especially reptilian and insectoid races with non-human look. One day, all they met a super strong group of races, who always ruined all dark plans. I will not tell by now who they are, because it is too early, but I can say that we know them from SF games and movies, and Im one of them. So, dark forces always wanted to destroy us and enslave, we led thousands of wars against them, but they were always losing. But those wars costed also many lives of our people and many souls were kidnapped.

So they decided to attack their alternate targets – Solar System, who was inhabited by Reptilians, Dragons and Angels, and Zeta Reticuli – where live Grays. A fierce and exhausting war started. On the Nibiru, Yahwehs army supported by other space allies, killed and enslaved most of normal Angels and took power over the planet. Jesus (who is not son of yahweh) was kidnapped and announced as yahwehs son, and Lucifer (Jesus` brother) after very hard battle finally lost his strength and died defending his homeworld from total tyranny. Meanwhile on Earth, Mars and Zeta Reticuli, Reptilians and Grays managed to defend against space terrorists, but there happened very foul and unpredicted thing: 25% of Reptilians and 40% of Grays suddenly betrayed and joined the attackers. And because of this foul, honourless act, Earth and Zeta Reticuli have fallen under dark tyranny.

Then dark forces started to realize another part of their wicked plan – they used all available technologies and magic capabilities to create spacetime pit and throw here the Solar System and Zeta Reticuli. That is how the hell/3rd density arisen. Why? Because they always wanted to create perfect prison for kidnapped souls, that would be there totally numb, helpless and they would not escape and use their power. And they did it. Hell became a pit where all worst energies and entities would live and rage unpunished, preying on slaved souls. I point that in the Natural Spacetime/5th density, all spiritual powers ale possible – telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, various magic etc. But here – totally impossible.

At the 2006-2008, this hellish spacetime started very slowly to come back to normal state, and my race with Angels, Grays, Reptilians started to gather up and form some alliance. And in 2013 they were fully ready and started very big operation of wiping out of space all those tho were responsible for attacking them and creating this hell. They formed the Alliance of the Strongest, which contains now about 50 races of warriors, trying to destroy this hell and restore things as should to be. And they are succeeding very well. Dark forces have been destroyed in most part, surviviors are pressing and crowding now on the Earth and down levels of astral (transition zone between hell and normal spacetime), extremely scared, stressed and frightened. They even don`t want to belive what is happening to them and what inexorably will happen here. Pursued by the Alliance, they lost control on themselves, possessing people one by one and trying to make masses thinking that everything is “normal” and hellish slavery of souls is undisturbed.

But freedom is closer and closer, as we go up, time is going faster and faster, and world goes really mad.