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Apocalypse Rider

New info: we know about many causes of those things now! I with my good friends have talked many about this and we estabilished some things: process of going to higher realities became even faster and it caused worldwide shock in many aspect of life. One of them is reveal of new layer of gigantic amounts of frozen negative energy residing in everything: people, animals and Earth in general. This waste energy and many devices created from it started also to go higher and escape from us with great pressure. Those devices are responsible for blocking spiritual progress, causing depression, fatigue, fear, helplessness and such things. I just feel all this going out from different parts of my body, sometimes it is like cold water was going from those places! And sources of all negative emotions are therefrom.

Second source of aggressive depression aura are clouds in my area… About month ago there were clouds emanating fear and awe, now they are carrying depression. So there must be huge amounts of depressive prana, which these clouds are soaked of. My friend also noticed that clouds are more gray than usual.

And today my ex-gf was talking another foolnesses to my friend about me and other things, she tells that Im fully neutral to her and she doesnt care about me but still is mentioning about me. We investigated this and detected many energy attacks from her, especially vampirism. I noticed that the more negative energy and memories I try to get rid of, the more she tries to be on my attention.

Another thing – friend of my mum is suffering home violence more and more and the more it occurs the more she thinks it is okay.

Zombie apocalypse in progress!