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Apocalypse Rider

Interesting that those sounds return! For long time I didnt read of any and I think that they become more and more rare event and Earth changes are going with some resistance. In Poland I didnt see any strange/interesting clouds or other phenomena by months. Here everything seems to be extremely dull, grim, gray and colourless, many people and animals are constantly sleepy and powerless, many have depression, negative emotions like loneliness, boredoom and depression seem to hang in the air (I was also in UK month ago and here was… similar). We have also climate cooling, snow and frosts started from begining of November. Little frosts and even temperature little above 0*C is felt like extremely unpleasant cold penetrating your guts, even if you are thick dressed. Some call this state by gateway to hell, some that the Down Astral (unphysical layer of reality just a bit above us containing gigantic amounts of different negative emotions) fell on us or/and we hit it. Maybe this is the same and we are passing through hell gates up to heaven? Who knows…

But many surely will agree that from last 2 months everything seems to be… dying. Even Vladimir Putin said that… He has no reason for expanding Russian territory and doesn`t want more! It is really weird, I always saw him as like ancient or medieval lords, who expanded their control over and led wars together with their army of knights.

According to violence… Probably it was always in the universe. Look on the animal world how many kill others and how many have amazing natural weapons – claws, tusks, sharp teeth, stings, venoms or electricity. But we have also spiritual world/unphysical levels. Even in Bible God very often punishes someone and wants to bloody sacrifices on his worship. And there is about the war between Angels… But surely Jesus tries to come to our world to rescue his angels trapped here.