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Buhahahahaha, your puny soldiers are nothing more than only pieces of meat, running mindlessly through the desert and trying to escape the sun, because you are burning from it like vampires in movies 🙂

Hah, you are only good in beating women, you can`t even keep your state in one piece and now you are losing more and more territories in Iraq and Syria… And you think about conquering the world? Without professional army, without tanks, air force, fleets, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, without force fields and genetical improvements but only with those black allah-blinded bugs dressed in trash bags? Heheh, you have lost this war before you even started it 🙂

Earth belongs to Us, Reptilians (your clumsy masters surely didnt tell you that there were dinosaurs by millions of years) and soon we will jump here from the hyperspace and retake our planet in the name of Natural Order. For we are the Rulers in entire Solar System and the Milky Way! And your role as the vermin in this jungle is to serve us or be vapourized from the surface :) You dont have a choice, but only accept that fact.

As you see, Earth is now rising from the knees and is being successfully prepared for our return. Climate changes, strange sounds, horns, sonic booms, mystery die-offs and finally – the global warming, great return of ancient paradisiac jungle era. Our plans are unstoppable, no matter what you do.

Our eternal strength, scientific progress and will of fight will triumph once more! Bahahahaha! 🙂