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Rhonda Lynne Flora

I thought I was crazy.about 8 hours after the eclipse my husband and I both got very ill.Severe headaches,extreme fatigue and it is now Sept 4th and we just go over the headaches but the fatigue still lingers.I was terrified for a few days because of our health.I knew it was not “flu”I have NEVER felt anything so weird.Also;it seems to me that the whole sky has somehow changed.The shades,colors,the moon here in Wa.State,has actually turned deep orangeish red,as if the sunset is reflecting off of it.Even at like 3 am.Shadows are a strange “yellowish” color and do not look the same either.I am not a doomsday nut,but I have talked with so many people that are experiencing similar things,even strange things in the sky.Why are the oceans receding?Why are there some strange weather anomalies all of a sudden?People are saying the stars are aligned for the “end times”in the Bible to start on Sept.23rd.I see many articles supporting the alignments and the theory but find it hard to believe that anyone could ever predict the day of the Lords second coming.I am confused,anxious,and very on edge with a feeling there is definitely “something happening”but am lost to define it.I sincerely hope that this is all coincidence,or the US and other world Govts.are running HAARP or CERN.and they have some insidious plan.You know….they would NEVER alert the public,and that is so sad.