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Berkeley Babe

I once experienced something similar, when I was a teenager. I was all alone in the house late at night. We had no pets. TV and radio were off. I was in the kitchen making something and I heard a definite scratching or scuffing sound coming from the hallway. It was a bit like someone dragging their feet on the hallway carpet as they walked. The sound stopped fairly quickly. (It was NOT a house noise). Well, I was FROZEN with fear for a solid minute. Then I grabbed a big ole kitchen knife and went out into the hallway to investigate. Nothing or no one was there, of course. I checked the entire house to no avail. I told my family about it when they arrived home and was met with the usual skeptical banter: “hearing things”, “house settling”, “imagination”.

The next day at school I told my friends about it, but none of them took me very seriously either. I tell you, there was something ominous/evil connected to whatever was making that sound. I did not imagine it. The incident has stayed with me for 40 years. And now at my old age of 57, I have certainly lived through much more traumatic events. But for pure fright, that was still the scariest moment of my life.

Minapgp – hun, I don’t know if we were both dealing with the same phenomenon in this case. But your story gave me goose flesh because it was reminiscent of my incident. Did you sense any evil from this mystery scratcher? Hopefully this thread will give us some answers.