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Devils Tower

I am 43 years old…I am a born again Christian as of last year…I live alone, just miles east of Devils Tower, WY in the Black Hills…Very sparsely populated area…I have two German Shepherds…If you would have asked me prior to me being born again, I would have told you how much I believe in aliens and UFO’s, and so look forward to when Star Trek life comes to us in a future not far away…HOWEVER…I do not believe in aliens or UFO’s anymore, mostly, because the study of how calling upon Jesus Christ ENDS every single alien abduction on record…This was information I had never come across until mid 2017…I have heard the stories of such abductions, but they INTENTIONALLY leave out the part, where when people called out to Jesus Christ and it INSTANTLY ended the abduction nightmare…This left me feeling upset…I had always wanted to believe in aliens and UFO’s, and was a Mulder fan and believed “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE..”…NO MORE…I have done EXTENSIVE studies with my Bible and online resources only to find out about a subject, as I stated earlier, I had NO BELIEF in at all…Demons…In the last year, I have encounters with dark shadows that moved about, grew and shrunk at will, and seemed about as evil as anything I had ever seen in all my life…I have had encounters with other things I cannot nor will go into in this forum…It would be hard for me to believe the things I have seen, except as I stated, I have two dogs, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I have encountered these entities, my dogs went BERSERK….Hair up, growling, staring STRAIGHT INTO THE EYES of a creature that did NOT “appear” to be there…I can tell when they are staring straight into the eyes of something, I have had my dogs nearly 10 years, and most of those years it was just me and them….I am telling you out right…DEMONS EXIST…Demonic ENTITIES EXIST…There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOUBT…I do not do drugs and have not had a drop of alcohol in years…I am not crazy, well, anymore crazy than the rest of are : ) To me, and from the things I have encountered over the past year, sounds to me like one of those entities in both stories here…And I am telling you something else…Be Careful…These things tend to ATTACH themselves to a person, they like familiarity…To both people and locations…Don’t know why, but that has been my understanding both Biblical and otherwise…God Bless, and hope you are both saved in Christ, as HE is your ONLY defense against such things…Hope this was helpful…

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