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Berkeley Babe

I’m new to this website. I generally don’t believe in hocus pocus. (Well, maybe a little bit, such as my carpet incident). But mostly, I’ve always been a skeptic. I usually think there is a rational explanation for most things. But some of the stuff I’m reading on this site is FREAKING me the heck out! I’ve had the sensation for some time now that something really catastrophic is coming our way. It does almost seem like end-times. I don’t know if I prefer to remain ignorant and not let this stuff bother me or study it further and prepare for it, whatever “it” is.

Devil’s Tower ~ I believe you. I don’t think you’re crazy. I’m glad you have your dogs to protect you. I also hope you have a gun. It sounds like a precarious situation to be in. I wouldn’t want to live alone in a rural area.
Because another thing that’s been happening to me lately, is seeing shadows/shapes out of the corner of my eyes. When I turn to look directly at these visions, there is nothing there. I figured it’s my aging eyesight. I’m not so sure anymore. Man, I’m getting the heebee jeebees.