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Devils Tower

Hey B.B. – Your feeling the same thing that millions upon millions are feeling all right now…The thing is, your not alone, if even no one is around…You can always call upon Jesus Christ…And just to put it out, in the area I live in, I have many guns, kinda have too…Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes, you just never know what is behind the house when you go outside, or what lies in wait around the corner…never know…Always better to be prepared and not need said preparations than too need them and not have them I always say…Learned that lesson so many times the hard way, now I try to prepare for anything at any time…Cannot always be fully prepared for the unknown, but you can do your best…Always be something out there that will leave you going, HUH…Guess I wasn’t prepared for THAT!!! : ) but, you can be the NEXT time…Anyways…Animal die off’s…Weather no one alive has ever seen or heard of, earthquakes have increased over 1500% just in my lifetime of 43 years…These are the signs that are spelled out WORD for WORD in the Bible…I am not trying to push anything on you ma’am, but I would rather bring it up here, and have you at least think about it tonight going to sleep, than too worry about you facing the coming judgement and not having accepted Christ and His payment for your sins…You don’t have to go to some church, you don’t have too go confess your sins to some guy in a costume…Nope…You can talk to Him right now, with no one around, and let it be just between the two of you, no one would ever have to know…Except you and Him…Let me throw a couple of verses your way, and you think about it…Don’t have too say two words too me, it has nothing to do with me anyways, it is all about you and Him…ANd believe me when I say, there is nothing you have done He won’t forgive you for, and He is waiting RIGHT NOW this very second for you…With open arms…Trust me on that…
Romans 10:13
13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
1 Corinthians 15:3-4
3 Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
I am no saint ma’am…I waited until last year to do this…But He found me, and my life has been forever changed ever since…Not kidding…Those dark shadows your speaking of…Scary stuff eh…I will not even give my thoughts as to what that might be, but I will say this, no gun in the world could defend you against it, if I am correct in my thoughts…Only one thing…Jesus, and it so very simple…I have watched things flee by calling upon Him to defend me that I will never admit too out loud for I know, others to think I was bat poo nuts…But I seen what I seen, and I seen what happened when I called upon Jesus, and have had to do it more than once…So…a few things ma’am…First off….I have heard it called the ABC’s of salvation…
A) admit your a sinner
B) Believe Christ died and rose again paying for all our sins…
C) call upon Him
With all the belief in your heart, and it could go as simple as this ma’am…Jesus I know you died and were raised from the dead to pay for my sins, I accept that payment for my sins, and call upon you to seal me with your Holy Spirit, Thank You Jesus Christ..And from there it is all about the kind of relationship you choose to have with Him…Between you and Him…No one else…That easy…You may want to repent of your sins to Him, always a helpful thing to do, but again, that is between you and Him…Next…When dealing with things we know are there, and we do not want to be there, this is pretty easy too…Jesus Christ please defend me against all things seen and unseen, please Jesus Christ protect me, defend me right now Jesus Christ…That will stop any interference from any entity you do not want around…Okay…I will include you in my prayers this evening, and I hope I was in now way offensive or off putting, I only want to be a help in any way I can…Hope that helps ma’am…Ever have any questions or anything just shoot me a message, glad to help in any way I can…Also have quite a few contacts I have made in the last year, can lead you to others that help if your even interested…Anyway…Hope this was some help…