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Devils Tower

Hey B.B. —
I am going to ask you ma’am too look a few things up and read or watch YT videos regarding a few things that might really help lead you in the right direction…
These things I am going to ask you too research will lead you too understand that Satan is a VERY real created being, and is the god of this world…Little “G” of course…Now before I get started let me first state what I get many emails and comments about regarding God…First, why did a loving God create Satan..? Satan started off as the MOST POWERFUL created angel (Cherubim is the technical name) and when he began to understand that he would eventually be subject to all humanity, he became very angry…He has a beautiful and perfect voice for singing, he is one of, if not the most beautiful creature God ever created…So when he was created his name was Lucifer, and as you see, he was perfect in every single way, and he was to be in charge of ALL the angels…He was the HEAD ANGEL IN CHARGE…So when he found out, that a being created literally from dirt, ie: mankind, he became furious…I am perfect, but I am going to be subject to these dirt created tiny uneducated humans??? Then Lucifer decided he was going to take over Heaven….He was going to take over and “BECOME” like the Most High…So, God kicked Lucifer out of heaven, Nothing is more powerful than the one that created EVERYTHING, including Lucifer…So Lucifer became Satan, was cast out and down to the earth…In doing this Lucifer had convinced 1/3 of the angels to follow him…These are the “FALLEN ANGELS”…Today these are the MOST POWERFUL DEMONS…Ever since that day they have been trying to deceive all humanity, they hate us, and they want to prove to God, we are a mistake…So…Why does God allow him to exist??? Because, you can think of Earth as a sorting ground…God does not want to FORCE us to LOVE Him, He gave us FREE CHOICE to either choose HIM or choose Satan…This is why their is so much EVIL in the world we live in, because Satan is the god of this world…And we have too CONSCIOUSLY make the decision to Accept Jesus Christ and His payment for all our sins…This is of course a very lazy, short description, but I am trying to keep you with me here, so I am summarizing best I can here…Bare with me…So…without further ado…Please look up these things…This will lead you too understand, MANY MANY MANY people that we call the ELITE, the PUPPET MASTERS if you will, follow Satan, and worship him…Not God…They were all deceived, and their love for money and power lead them to this folly mistake…So…Look up these things…
Aleister Crowley
Alice Bailey
Free Masons
The books Aleister Crowley and Alice Bailey wrote
Satan Worship
When you take a look at these things, it should allow you too see, Satan is real, therefore understanding the opposite MUST BE ALSO TRUE…If Satan is REAL, so must God and Jesus Christ (His actual name is Yeshua Hamashiach) be real…Anyways, hope this is helpful and a blessing ma’am…Let me know what you find and how you feel about all this or if you have any questions…I am here to help in any way I can ma’am…