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What you have experienced is real, however they are DEMONS. As others have mentioned on this site, calling upon the name of Jesus stops the activity and sends them packing as they cannot stand the name of Jesus. Although, you actually need to believe in Jesus, otherwise you have no authority. I have had many demonic experiences in my life, so there’s nothing that would surprise or shock me. Here’s a list of common things that demons are responsible for:
Ticking noises
Lights going on or off, even without bulbs that work
Bed shakes
Awful smells, such as cigar, electrical burning, vomit, sulphur/rotten eggs, and old smelly socks.
Feels like something is pressing down on your duvet cover
Feels like someone’s foot/feet is pressing into the back of your seat while driving
Footsteps along the hallway
Cupboard doors sound like they are opening and banging shut (or windows)
Banging noises from inside the wardrobe/ceiling/room etc.
Stereo suddenly turns on and plays music by itself
Your cell phone rings or you hear a text sound but nothing is showing on your phone
Sounds like many small animals are scurrying around your house
Sounds like an airplane has just crashed onto your roof
Electrical disturbances and electrical blowouts
Feels like something is moving through your hair/head
Kids toys make sounds or the eyes move like they are watching you
Feels like something is sitting on your shoulder
Hearing a voice call your first name but no one is their
Seeing an apparition/familiar spirit
Thinking you have seen someone flash past out of the corner of your eye
Feels like someone is pinning you down on the bed
Paralysis — cannot move or speak for up to 10 seconds, then can barely whisper when you can finally speak. You can often experience paralysis upon waking from a nightmare.
Objects are misplaced… e.g., you go to get car keys and they’re not there — but then you go back and look and they are there again. They like to annoy you by moving things.

I could list many more but these are the common things that happen. I have experienced all of these and much more.

When you become a Christian, you have the God-given authority to use the name of Jesus to stop the demonic activity. You can also test the spirits when you see them by asking them whether they believe in Jesus. They will either scream and go berserk or quickly disappear. They will NEVER acknowledge who He is, as they are enslaved to Satan.

Be courageous, confront them and use your authority as a child of God to stop them before they fulfill their evil agenda in your life. They affect you because they have ‘legal access’ to be in your life — especially because of sin. What I am sharing is the absolute truth. These things do not happen to me anymore, as I use my God-given authority 24/7 and therefore they leave me alone. Don’t underestimate demons though, they are dangerous — and as they serve Satan, their only mission is to harm you and cause fear. They can also make you very sick and can kill people or cause the person to kill themselves. Demons are intelligent, they have names, personalities, and have clever tactics for ensnaring and harming people. The good news, is that JESUS is far more powerful than they are 🙂