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As for the psychotronic attacks, I believe this is something being carried out by a very clandestine evil group within our government / military…Experiments are being carried out daily…I also believe they have stepped up the program where they have teams of people remote viewing the public at large, and some individuals on a near daily basis…I also am fully aware of the spiritual warfare being conducted on millions of unsuspecting people…If you are not sealed with the Holy Spirit you are likely going to end up hurting yourself, killing yourself, or quite possibly hurting others…These demonic entities are very powerful beings…They are many different things that really exist in this world, and most people cannot open their minds too understand such things, because for the most part, this is not even visible to our extraordinarily small spectrum of light humans can see…I know for an absolute fact that my 2 German Shepherds can see these entities and have alerted me to their presence multiple times…They get extremely agitated, staring directly at them, when I look I see nothing, but I can “feel” their presence, and their hair stands straight up and they begin growling and barking as if an intruder were present…They can see them…We cannot…And just being sealed with the Holy Spirit does not protect you, these entities can see unrepented sin also, we have nothing for defense except calling out to rebuke and command them too flee in the name of Christ Jesus or the blood of the Lamb…They fear Christ and nothing else…I also believe there are a great vast multitude of these entities out there…Some vastly more powerful than others…Some even have the ability to cause a extremely horrific odor in your home…Some can cause the temperature to drop drastically when you are near them…Some leave a heat residue…Some are able to manifest a physical ability to literally move objects and even slap things right out of your hands or push objects off shelves…I have encountered EVERY single one of these…All within the past year and a half…I do not understand much about where these things come from, why they are here, or what their purpose is…I have tried to dig deeply into this matter, and find those that will discus such things are highly unintelligent or not saved in Christ and lack understanding, or are just into such discussions as a means to a profit…This makes the entire field of study such diluted garbage it is difficult to get anywhere with it…There is a man named Aleister Crowley that literally became possessed by these demonic spirits after the first time he tried calling upon them to do his bidding…He wrote VAST amounts of data, however he worshiped Satan, and all his work was dedicated to calling upon VERY POWERFUL fallen angels to do human bidding, which is where and how he came to being possessed by them…None the less, just reading upon his some of his writings also came to the very dark realization that there are a growing population in this field of calling upon dark fallen angels to do their bidding also…None the less, I am of the thought that something has happened recently too cause the population of these demonic entities to increase dramatically, whether they are being pulled into our dimension, or what I cannot tell…There is a large body of people that believe CERN is behind this, with a few pictures of the collisions of particles being some very strange evidence in this regard…In one said picture capture they present I myself seen some very disturbing unexplainable things in it…But as too coming to any conclusions, all I can say with certainty is that we are living at a unique time…I believe we are the final generation, and that all these abnormalities we are experiencing, ie; weather phenomenons, increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, sinkholes, meteors, fireballs, temp abnormalities, crop losses, hail storms, all conclude that even though evil men may be behind a large portion of these events, they are all foretold in the Bible over 2 thousand years ago, and in the simplest terms, they are the warning signs for what is coming…Tribulation…End times…This is simply my conjecture, but I am not alone on this opinion…There are a great amount of people that have been awakened to this understanding also….These horrific events are nothing in comparison to what lies ahead for all those inhabitants of earth…And for all those channeling so called “Pledian” beings and the Intergalactic Federation of Bull Poop, are going to get a cold horrible wake up, when they finally realize, they have not been in communication with aliens, in fact, it was demons all along they were doing the bidding for…But I digress…Can lead a horse too water, but you cannot force them to drink it…