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Apocalypse Rider

Very interesting speech, even impressive. You seem to have good knowledge in that topic. The spiritual warfare is boiling in Solar System (an not only) from probably thousands of years, but from about 2008 or 2011 it is boiling especially. And it is not usual war of entities, gods, clans or empires, not usual war for domination, terrirories, resources or natural selection. There is my opinion at that topic: this is war of pure cosmic nature against pure evil and degeneration. War of all celestial and space beings against Satan or Matrix, which is a mixture of all meanings of degeneration. Satan is a collective beings of all fallen and incurable souls that have sold themselves, their identity, honour and their powers for sex, money and material goods. Pleiadans and that Galactic Federation are assimilated part of him. Satan and fallen souls hate happiness, love, knowledge and every kind of progress: economic, military, scientific, technological but especially spiritual, mental, cultural and emotional. During described attacks I had very strong voices trying to convince me that… happiness is obsolete. I belive that Matrix stands behind it and all of his servants, which number is increasing rapidly.

I see that now near 100% of humanity became devoted to Satan. Fallen souls, demons and their energy can be easily spotted and measured by our spiritual sight and aura scanning. If you focus your mind and mental sight around Earth, you will see that whole world is practically black, dirty and wiped out of vegetation. And recent human actions and behaviour show enough evidence for this. Only current year, I had 10 physical and verbal attacks against me, my family and my friends. All of them caused by residents of my closest area. Last and most serious attack occured a week ago when furious peasants tried to roll over by car me and my cousin when we were walking a dog. We probably saved our lives by efficient escaping, there is now police investigation. When I talk with family and friends they all talk about massive increase of aggressiveness and divorces everywhere. And my family will probably break off contact with some friends that recently showed off their true face of being sociopaths.

Summarizing all that events, we are indeed living in very dark, dangerous and demonic times like never before. Who knows what madness and insanity we will see…