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Devils Tower

Holy COWS….I am so freaking envious too no end is what I think eh…I wish I could go back in time before I became disabled and take all my networking experience and IT experience and MOVE too Antarctica sir….Serious…I am an extreme introvert…I have left my house in the Black Hills (extreme rural) like all of twice in two years, and then just too go to the store for groceries…I have LITTLE TO NO need for the world at large or thus, the people in it…I would THRIVE in such an extreme environment…I was also born in Anchorage, Ak, and am part Athabaskan Indian, so this is MY KIND OF PLACE EH..!!! Super serious…Oh how I would do it all different if I could only go back…But I digress….
As for your thoughts…I have not the FAINTEST idea….This is EXACTLY why I float these by superior people like yourself…I am no camera man…Not much of a social media guy either, but since being born again in early 2017, and seeing all these changes matching with Biblical scripture matching 100% to end times described in said Bible, have made all the effort I can too change my introverted, inept, social media retardation into at least a beginners conceptual grasp, and made as much effort as I can too reach out and share the Bible with others as I can….NONE THE LESS…You sound as though you would be FAR more versed in understanding of these images than myself eh…So I am going to have too defer to your explanation here….

Thanks for getting back too me eh, God Bless you for all your AWESOME work….
Devil’s Tower
((( sorry for replying through email, took me a moment too understand where I was receiving this message from, THUS proving my total inept social media SKILLS…haa haa haa…anyway…)))

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